White warns against expecting major gains

Rob White has warned Renault’s teams not to expect any great gains this season due to regulatory reasons.

Having powered Red Bull Racing to four success Championship doubles, many have been shocked by Renault’s fall from grace at the beginning of this V6 era.

That shock turned to anger on Sunday when Sebastian Vettel retired from Red Bull’s home race due to an engine issue.

It was the German’s third DNF of this season and led team boss Christian Horner stating that the “reliability is unacceptable” and that the “performance is unacceptable.”

White, Renault Sport’s deputy technical managing director, agrees.

“Christian has been extremely clear in his expressions to Renault at every level, and I am sure we know and understand exactly what is required of us,” said White.

“We have a common understanding of the problems with Red Bull, and the way forward we have worked with them.

“We must continue in the direction of fixing each incident as we understand it and progressing with the development path we have established.

“This is a process that is shared with them, and objectives are known and understood.

“Clearly the next steps are a weeks away at Silverstone and the rest of the season is in front of us and that is what we must work on.”

White, though, did warn that any major improvements may not be seen until next season.

“We have been able to make improvements and significant headway in closing down the gap to our competitors and we still have work in progress and will deliver further improvements,” he said.

“Of course there are longer-term pieces of work in progress that can realistically, for regulation and practical and legitimate reasons, be delivered over the winter, but cannot be delivered this season.”

He added: “We were behind our internal goal-setting, and therefore I cannot be satisfied as we are not quick enough on the track to respond, or to satisfy our teams.

“Of course, we would have liked to have done things differently, achieving a different outcome.

“But looking forward our mindset is to pursue the best interaction in order to correct that.”

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