Vettel not giving up on final Bull win

Sebastian Vettel is hoping to take advantage of the rain this weekend as the German looks to secure his first race win of this season.

The World Champion is just two win-less grands prix away from ending his title defense without a single victory. The last time that happened was with Jacques Villeneuve in 1998.

Vettel, though, reckons he could have a fighting this weekend in Brazil as rain is forecast for the weekend with an 80 percent chance of a wet grand prix.

“I hope so,” he said when asked if a win was possible. “I think there’s always a chance to win no matter the race.

“But it seems that, somehow, in Brazil we have more things can happen.

“I think the weather forecast looks quite interesting as well.

“If everything goes normal, there’s a dry race and you have to expect the Mercedes to win because they have quite a big advantage.”

Vettel, who is reportedly off to Ferrari next season, also downplayed what has been a difficult final season with Red Bull.

Aside from his lack of wins, Vettel has just two front row starting positions, neither of which was pole, and has only been on the podium on four occasions.

The German, though, says it’s not as bad as it may look.

“I think there’s people that haven’t won for a longer time and I think it’s part of Formula 1 as well sometimes.

“I think I had races where if things had gone a little bit different this year I could have won. But equally it has been like this in the past and it probably will be like that in the future.

“Performance-wise, I think we got very close to win in Canada. If I’d pitted a lap later it’s a different story.

“In terms of pace we looked very strong in Singapore as well and in Hungary. But obviously where I was when the Safety Car came out in Hungary, it didn’t really favour me.

“We had some races where we were closer; the majority of races, it’s not a secret: the win was out of reach because obviously the Mercedes were so far away.

“There were other races where I struggled more than Daniel, example. If you take Belgium, for instance.

“So pretty much up and down. But it has been like that for the whole season.”

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