Vettel: F1 can be very cruel

As his 2014 struggles continue, reigning World Champion Sebastian Vettel admits Formula One can be a “very cruel” game.

The Red Bull racer, who is defending his crown for the fourth season in a row, has had a wretched time of late.

With more retirements than podium finishes and not a single race victory to his name, Vettel has just 70 points compared to Championship leader Nico Rosberg’s 165.

“It’s been a tough start, a rough season so far,” Vettel told BBC One.

“F1 can be fantastic, as I have experience of, but it can be very cruel in retiring from problems. You rely on your car. It is part of the game.”

The 27-year-old is refusing to throw in the towel, “confident” he is gaining a better understanding of how the new rules have affected his RB10.

“It hasn’t come our way yet, but I’m confident it will. I’m struggling to understand the car so we are testing a lot of things. Some work, some don’t.

“Some laps were good, other laps I was messing it up and it doesn’t come as constant, as regular as it did in the past.

“We’re working on that as a team. I’m confident it will still take a couple of steps but we’re willing to take them.”

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