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In the round-up: Nico Rosberg denies his penalised defensive move against Max Verstappen was similar to his last-lap tangle with Lewis Hamilton in the Austrian Grand Prix.

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Andrew assesses Kvyat’s chances of keeping his place in F1 next year:

If we take a look at Toro Rosso’s driver policy, it shows that every driver that cannot be promoted to Red Bull in no more than three seasons, had to leave the team, and usually F1 as well. Making his debut in 2014, this years end will surely mean Kvyat’s exit, even though he had more than a season with Red Bull. With his frustration and bad luck in the Toro Rosso seat, the board will we able to explain his more than possible departure unfortunately.

Klien: 2004 (Jaguar) + 2005 (Red Bull) + 2006 (Red Bull) = 3 (would be able to return to F1 later. Klien is a strange start of this list, as he never drove for Toro Rosso, but I believe he is the very first representation of what Red Bull/Toro Rosso had in mind about their driver development programme)
Liuzzi: 2005 (Red Bull) + 2006 + 2007 = 3 (would be able to return to F1 later)
Speed: 2006 + 2007 = 2
Vettel: 2007 + 2008 = 2 (promoted)
Bourdais: 2008 + 2009 = 2
Buemi: 2009 + 2010 + 2011 = 3
Alguersuari: 2009 + 2010 + 2011 = 3
Ricciardo: (2011 with HRT might count as well) + 2012 + 2013 = 2/3 (promoted)
Vergne: 2012 + 2013 + 2014 = 3
Kvyat: 2014 + 2015 (Red Bull) + 2016 = 3
Verstappen: 2015 + 2016 (promoted)
Sainz: 2015 + 2016

Two more consequences can be seen from the list:
1. Most of those Toro Rosso drivers that weren’t promoted to Red Bull, couldn’t get a drive in F1 any more
2. Anyone whose Toro Rosso team mate got promoted to Red Bull, has never been promoted himself as well (which can be a threat to Sainz at the end of next year)

Although I believe that Verstappen is a greater talent, Kvyat is still a decent driver. Kvyat most possibly couldn’t have won the Spanish GP in a Red Bull, meanwhile Verstappen might have done better than tenth in a Toro Rosso. But we will never know this for sure. Until Kvyat is the only Russian driver on the grid, he might still worthy to be employed considering the huge Russian market, and of course as being a solid driver.

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