Red Bull have engine ‘options’

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says his outfit won’t hesitate to end their Renault deal if the French company fail to get their act together.

The 2014 campaign has been a disastrous one so far for Red Bull going by their usual lofty high standards thanks mainly to Renault’s inability to produce reliable engine.

While the Mercedes-backed teams have made a smooth switch from the V8 engines to 1.6-litre V6 turbo units, those with Renault power have stuttered.

Horner has admitted that Red Bull raised concerns with the French company two years ago.

“We sat down to express our concerns with Renault in autumn 2012,” he said. “Renault have got to get it together. They’re not in Formula One to make up the numbers.

“They’ve been tremendously successful in their time in Formula One and they’ve stated they’re in it to compete and win and not just make up the numbers. Anything other than success is on their agenda. I believe that they will be addressing that in the near future.”

Red Bull’s current contract with the French company runs until 2016 and Horner admits they have “options”.

“The great thing about a team like Red Bull is that we’ve always got options,” he is quoted as saying by

“I’m obviously not going to disclose what those are here. But we want to run at the front and we want to be competitive and in order to be competitive we have to have a sensible power unit.”

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