“Racers Who Care” Gear up For Long Beach IndyCar Race

Randy Mizdal with Racers Who Care
Scott “Lucky” Hudson with Racers Who Care

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when IndyCar turns the streets around the Long Beach Convention Center into a 1.98 mile adrenaline filled, heart pumping, pulse racing playground.

The Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach, which includes the efforts by Racers Who Care Quick Tips on Winning in Life.

It’s in the air. It’s a feeling. It’s a sensation. It’s the smell of racing. That high octane racing fuel, tires smoking kind of perfume. It’s the feeling that comes over you when you hear the engines first start up.

If you’re a driver, it’s that feeling you first felt when you got behind the wheel of a race car. It is that intense rush when you entered your first race. It is what makes your heart quicken and your pulse soar. It is in your blood. You hunger for it. You stay hungry for it.

Like a warrior on the pavement, you live for the race. You live for the win! When it is over, you cannot wait for it to start all over again.

Now imagine seeing that exact spark of fire in the eyes of a child when they witness the excitement of seeing their first real race. It’s unexplainable. Seeing and touching their first real race car. Hearing the voices of the track and the cars speeding past them for the first time. Listening to the professional race car drivers sharing their experiences of what it is like to drive such beasts at such amazing speeds. That is why we do what we do.

It’s all too easy to become jaded in life -becoming an adult can do that to a person. We deal with hassles, we deal with trying to find sponsors, we deal with a lot of stuff that gets in the way of just racing. We deal with the disappoint and the elations. We forget the why, and sometimes we need to stop and remember the ‘why we do what we do’.

The awe of seeing your first real race car. Says it all.
The awe of seeing your first real race car. Says it all.

Despite living and operating in this unforgiving, tough and ruthless world of race car driving, you discover more individuals with hearts of gold than you might imagine. You find Racers Who Care. You find professional Racers who give back to the communities where they live and race.

This is the case with the drivers at Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach—RWC Quick Tips on Winning in Life.

Volunteers like Randy Pobst, Sebastian Saavedra, Scott Horner, Brian Sellers, Wolf Henzler, Julie Newell, JD Davis, Lucky Hudson. Nathan Swartzbaugh, Scott Elrod, Dean Mizdal, Gail Truess, Dr. Geoff Billows and Ken Kosiorek. Rene Villeneuve, Tommy Kendall and Donald Galaz are just a few of our shining lights of Racers Who Care. They are the driving force behind Racers Who Care Quick Tips on Winning in life.

RWC centers on racer-personalized Quick Tips on Winning in Life. Life skills presentations to children and teens. Our Quick Tips fill the void of what kids learn in their general education and what they need to know as they approach the realm of adulthood.

We focus on establishing working relationships, developing coping skills, locating mentors and other key practicalities. Our key audience is at risk youth and kids who would benefit from positive role models in their life. Our racers’ presentations benefit kids of all cultural backgrounds and life experiences.

There are far too many of these beautiful children who are pushed aside and simply written off in life. RWC wants to make sure the lost kids, the ones who seem to be throw away children, have a winning chance. We want to assure kids that they do, in fact, matter. They can succeed. They can set and reach goals and create successful lives for themselves. They can be winners in their lives!

We believe in them and so do our racers who donated their time and valuable life skills Quick Tips to this year’s LBGP 2016. When you see that light in the eyes of a child, that same light you felt so many years ago, you cannot wait to do this again. Remember the why.

Yep. It is that time of year. It is the time of year that we at Racers Who Care remember the why we do what we do.

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JannaHitchcockJanna Hitchcock is baccalaureate trained Registered Nurse, Public Health Certified graduate of California State University San Bernardino California. She has 28 years experience in Trauma, Emergency Medicine, Surgical Intensive Care, Labor and Delivery, Home Care, Travel Nursing and now Advanced Wilderness Medicine with Wilderness Medics. She is also a Medically serving Military Officer and veteran of the United States Air Force. Volunteering and racing is her passion and service is her call to action. Racers Who Care combines both those calls of duty.

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