Mercedes unofficially break pit stop record | 2016 Hungarian Grand Prix

Data from Mercedes shows Nico Rosberg’s pit stop time during Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix was well inside the previous record time.

But while Mercedes registered just 1.73 seconds for Rosberg’s stop, the official Formula One Management timing credits them with a time of 2.15 seconds – slower than the record of 1.92 seconds held jointly by Red Bull and Williams.

Mercedes’ chief strategist James Vowles said the team’s pit stop for Rosberg was “extraordinary” and explained the discrepancy between their time and FOM’s: “It’s what we call a ‘green light time’ so it’s from the point the car stops ’til the point where the car’s ready to go again”.

Williams measured one of Felipe Massa’s pit stops in the European Grand Prix at 1.89 seconds – fractionally quicker than the 1.92 seconds measured by FOM. That unofficially put them inside the previous record of 1.92 seconds set by Red Bull in 2013.

Mercedes’ time on Sunday shows an improvement of almost half a second compared with pit stops four years ago.

Rosberg’s super-quick pit stop occurred on lap 17 of the race. He was chasing team mate Lewis Hamilton at the time and although he made his pit stop one lap later than his team mate, and therefore did not benefit from the ‘undercut’, the rapid turnaround meant he rejoined the track over a second closer than he had been before.

2016 Hungarian Grand Prix

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