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In the round-up: F1’s new owners has big plans for how the sport will change to make more out of each grand prix.

Comment of the day

Do our Rate the Race polls fall to capture the excitement of high-speed racing?

I’ve long been a fan of the actual spectacle of watching a formula 1 car, rather than whether the race is any good. As a result, the Monza result annoys me a little, nearly 20 cars have been driven around at an average of nearly 150 mph with corner speeds exceeding 180 mph. Whether there’s overtaking or not, that to me is impressive and a show of technological and mechanical sophistication. Take turn one at Silverstone, seemingly innocuous to most of the cars in the field, yet the head on shot of cars turning into that sequence was incredible, the camera shot caught every ounce of the strain and violence that comes as a by-product of trying to change direction at 180 mph.

What isn’t impressive though and what I totally agree with in these polls, is something like the Baku result. F1 cars aren’t as fast in a straight line as a lot of other motorsports but their main draw is corner speeds. Put them on a grand tour of a supposedly historic city with long straights and clumsy 3rd gear corners (not to mention the horrific crawl around the castle) and all of a sudden, without overtaking, you remove what’s left of the spectacle.

Surely the idea is to set a base level of excitement by watching one driver wrestle his beast around corners at mind bending speeds and then multiply that by 20 on race day, so even if there’s little overtaking or strategic variety, you can still experience the joy of watching a car change direction at 150 mph, or the ultra motion shots of the whole car vibrating as it goes over a kerb.

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