Kurt Busch To Marry Up: Ashley Van Metre

Hopefully the incredibly talented Kurt Busch will find peace.
Hopefully the incredibly talented Kurt Busch will find peace.

It’s completely beyond anything anyone would consider normal for someone like me to attempt to get inside the head of one of the Busch brothers, especially Kurt. On the other hand, why not? Brother Kurt now has a brand spankin’ new fiance’.

Racing drivers suffer the same problems that we rank and file folk go through: Depression, anxiety, marital problems and if you’re not one of the top drivers, financial duress. Apart from that it would seem that not much is left.

However these drivers are different animals. They don’t think the way the guy who owns the corner drug store behaves. They tend to be very excitable, easy to lose their temper, sort of like those crazy neighbors that no one wants to make eye contact with.

In Kurt Busch’s case, he may very well have taken a huge stepping away from the stressful and toxic relationships and might well be on the cusp of a renaissance in his career. I know, I know, he’s third in the points, but when Chase time comes he had better be more than calm, he will have to be laser beam focused.

Take a look at his brother Kyle. Truly one, if not the best, wheelmen in the business. He got married, had a child and is ripping the tracks up no matter where they are. Kurt has always seemed a little more unpredictable, but this marriage may be the golden turning point for him.

I’ve never been married and maybe never will, my friends tell me that it will calm me down, make me more focused and I could even live longer. I’m afraid to hold my breath.

No stranger to danger, Polo can be violent, Van Metre has a handle on competition.
No stranger to danger, Polo can be violent, Van Metre has a handle on competition.

In Kurt Busch’s case, he seems to have hit the motherlode, at least in terms of pairing with a woman with exemplary life breeding. His fiancé, Ashley Van Metre, is accomplished in the art of moving in high cotton circles. Did I mention she’s an accomplished Polo player and a Ralph Lauren model? Polo is most definitely for the rich, but at least it’s highly competitive and she will have some understanding of the mindset he has.

She almost certainly has an entire dossier on Kurt Busch’s life, courtesy of the forward thinking family she has. They do, afterall put on on the Van Metre Cup. They don’t shoot from the hip, they perform their due diligence. In fact, she’s already had a calming effect on him as one can tell when he’s interviewed.

Marriage can go two ways, to Heaven or to Hell according to virtually every couple I’ve spoken to regarding the subject. Racing drivers don’t live in-between too often. They are either full gas or full brake, rarely do they sit around and contemplate life.

With Kurt, he’s seemed to have had a troubled soul for most of his adult life, but they tell me, and I did call a marriage therapist before writing this little piece, that marrying the right person is the single most defining thing a person can do.

Personally I think winning the Sprint Cup Championship is, but what do I, a confirmed bachelor know?

Her family is filthy rich. Check box one as she’s no gold digger, her gang has much more money than Busch. Check box two, she herself is an inveterate competitor and has meshed into his life without trouble. Check box three, her family knows who Kurt Busch is. You don’t retain that kind of wealth by letting you’re daughter marry down, so I would expect he has passed the Van Metre meter. Check box four, she’s drop dead, stop the trains from running gorgeous.

I fully expect that her intellect, lack of financial incentive and her understanding of finance, high brow upbringing and astonishing good looks will keep Busch in a very safe place in his mind.

The Chase is coming, Busch is in final talks to remain at Stewart-Haas Racing and he’s marrying someone every bit his equal.

Life is good at the Kurt Busch camp and good for them, everyone deserves a chance to experience a long lasting and meaningful relationship.

Maybe I do have a chance, that girl at the Steak n’ Shake drive thru is awfully friendly to me.

Extra fries, maybe I have a chance.

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