Horner: F1 needs healthy competition

As the debate over lifting F1’s engine freeze continues to rumble, Christian Horner says a more level playing is needed for the “fans.”

At present, Formula 1’s engine manufacturers are banned from developing their engines during this season.

As such neither Renault nor Ferrari have been able to even try make any inroads into the superiority of Mercedes’ power unit since the introduction of 1.6-litre V6 engines at the beginning of this season.

A vote of lifting the freeze will be taken on the matter of the next F1 Commission meeting, however, Mercedes are set to block it as they insist it will push up the cost of the engines.

Horner, however, Formula 1 needs “healthy” competition between the teams and the engine manufacturers.

“Mercedes are doing a super job,” said the Red Bull team boss.

“But it is healthy for F1 that Ferrari, Honda (who return in 2015 as supplier to McLaren) and Renault should have the ability to close the gap otherwise we are going to end up in a very stagnant position.

“It is a bigger issue than just about the teams. It is about what is right for the sport, what is right for the fans.

“It is easy to take a self-interest position, but when you look at what is the right thing for F1, it is to have competition.

“We need to be big enough to say let’s open it a little bit and let’s be responsible on costs – so there is no cost impact for customer teams – but have that competition.

“So we’ll see what the outcome of the Formula One Commission vote is.

“FIA are in support, FOM are in support. Obviously the non-Mercedes teams are in support, so we’ll see what that holds in approximately a month’s time.”

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