GoPro INDY Grand Prix Tweet-By-Tweet (LIVE)

Penske Racing’s Helio Castroneves holds a fan Q&A at the Winner’s Circle stage during pre-race activities here at the GoPro INDY Grand Prix of Sonoma. Image Credit: Lauren Bohlander via Twitter @LaurenBohlander

GoPro INDY Grand Prix Tweet-By-Tweet (LIVE)

A lot has changed with the IndyCar Series event at Sonoma raceway: new cars, new engine manufacturers, new track layout, new race sponsor, new race distance … but please do not these facts cloud your impression of familiarity.

Penske Racing and Penske affiliates fill the first two rows of the grid on the track here at Sears Point north of San Francisco. Penske Racing’s Will Power (P1- IICS Season Points) captured pole and he will line up next to teammate Ryan Briscoe followed by Jay Penske’s Dragon Racing’s Sébastien Bourdais, Penske Racing’s Helio Castroneves (P3 – IICS Season Points), and Target Chip Ganassi’s Scott Dixon (P4 – IICS Season Points). Andretti Autosport’s Ryan Hunter-Reay (P2 – IICS Season Points) will start from the seventh position on the grid.

The following live entries will be a combination of Tweets from Twitter and comments from the author … welcome to the 13th race of this 15 race IZOD IndyCar Series 2012 season –



Amy @OpenWheelMom
Race Day! Race Day! Race Day! #GoProGP #IndyCar

Bash Beard @SpeedFreakBash
It’s rollout time at @RaceSonoma. The #IndyCar machines and gear are heading to the pits, and the masses are heading to the prerace stage.

Fox Sports 1230 WMML @WMML1230
#IndyCar Racing will air live starting approximately 4:05PM here on FOX Sports Radio 1230.

BRANDed Management @BRANDed
Tune-in for today’s @IndyCar @GoPro race @RaceSonoma. Race at 4pm EDT on @NBCSN #GoProGP #IndyCar

Saturday notebook from #GoProGP – #IndyCar #PirelliWC

Right now we have the Patriots Airshow … a private jet team that emulates what the Thunderbirds or the Blue Angles do. Pretty cool stuff. The crowd seems light with only about an hour before the Green Flag drops

IMS Productions @IMSProductions
Our followers are awesome! Who out there is ready for the #IndyCar #GoProGP @RaceSonoma?? Let’s hear your predictions!!

Will Power, Will Power, Will Power, Will Power, Will Power, Will Power, Will Power, Will Power …

jErEM!@H 15k™ @pistons15
#32 Kendall Hunter in a #49ers #IndyCar

Carl Carson @indyhockey77
@12WillPower is going to put on a clinic at Sonoma! #GoProGP #IndyCar2012

Patrick @TwinCheckers
I pick @tagliani @BHA to win #GoProGP!!! #TeamPositivity

Ryan @mad_mahler
I’ll second that one RT @TOMotorsports: Good-luck to @tagliani and @Hinchtown in today’s @IndyCar #GoProGP

Timothy Weyand @RockChef2
Just saw a T-shirt for sale that said To dumb for opera, to smart for NASCAR. I’m offended and amused! #RaceSonoma #IndyCar

Stacie St. John @Indybrat13
Time to scream my head off. #GoProGP @IndyCar @RaceSonoma

Ash (アシュー) @racingAsh
Yes! It’s almost race time at @RaceSonoma. Broadcast just started on @NBCSN. #GoProGP #IndyCar

IZOD IndyCar Series @IndyCar
Driver intros about to start!! #GoProGP #indycar2012

Megan K Bickel @megankbickel
#GoProGP time!! Love race days! #IndyCar

F1 Fanatic @f1fanatic_co_uk
Just three races left in the #IndyCar season and there’s a very close four-way title fight:

Josh Kelly @bigpapaj2384
I hope @12WillPower blows a motor in the first 10 laps!! Power sucks. #IndyCar

Peter Leung @BaronVonClutch
RT @TylerClary: Thanks for the two-seater ride @ariejr! #IndyCar

Rhett Umphress @rhettumphress
Since 2010, pole sitter Will Power has led 144 of 150 laps with two wins at Sonoma #IndyCar

IndyCar al día @indycaraldiaweb
Resultados de Ryan Hunter-Reay en Sonoma (desde 2007): 18, 18, 19, 8, 10 #IndyCar

In English? … This speaks for itself

IZOD IndyCar Series @IndyCar
Points leader @12WillPower ! #GoProGP #indycar2012

Leonardo Guina @LeoGuina
A IndyCar fez 7 races em Sonoma, Tony Kanaan venceu a primeira (2007), Helinho venceu em 08′ Power venceu 10′ e 11′ e larga da Pole #IndyCar

I agree with Helio – the most prized possession of any racer would certainly be a #DWTS trophy. #IndyCar #GoProGP

Pastor George Luther @PastorG16
Heavenly Father please keep the Drivers, crews & fans safe-We ask this in Christ’s name, Amen #indycar2012 @FollowAndretti @IndyCar #GoProGP

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity … Let’s Go Racin’ … OOPS! wrong series, no fenders

El auto del pole position está listo para la carrera. Caption and Image Credit: Bruno Tarulli via Twitter @BrunoTarulli34

GoPro® @GoPro
And they’re off! Big ups to @XGames Gold Medalist @stevemccann for waving the green flag to get us started. #GoProGP

Indy Racing Review @INDYracereview
Drivers to your cars! #GoProIndy #IndyCar

Diana Pol @DianaPol1
#indycar Sonoma live straks op RTL 7 🙂

Courtney Boggs @CourtneyBoggs_
Wouldn’t be race day without a fly over… #GoProGP @JMIteam

The command – Mayor Kevin Johnson – Ladies and Gentlemen … START YOUR ENGINES

Michael Duning @MikeDuning
Looking forward to this @IndyCar race at Sonoma #GoProGP — My race winner pick: @scottdixon9

GREEN, GREEN, GREEN … The GoPro INDY Grand Prix of Sonoma race begins

F1 Fanatic Live @f1fanaticlive
Tagliani picks of Pagenaud and Hunter-Reay but Dixon is tipped into a spin at the first hairpin. #IndyCar

Kev @ElusiveKev
Nice and racy early on. Nice dirt kicking up from Tags. #IndyCar #GoProGP

Helio Castroneves is issued a drive through penalty for avoidable contact

LAP3 of 85 – TAKU is off track in the dirt – local YELLOW

T.S. Clayton @TSClayton9919
Sato’s off course? You don’t say. #GoProGP #indycar #indycar2012

SeaBass is still in P3 – All the cars in the field are tracking single file

LAP 6 of 85 – Will Power currently has a near 2 second lead on the field – Dixon P14, Castroneves P21

TAGS up to P5 from P8 … TK is the biggest mover … up to P10 from P16

LAP 10 of 85 – Rubens Barrichello up from P11 to P7

Mr. Lehr @SLehr81
Power leads by 3.5 secs #Indycar

KV Racing Technology @kvracing
11 laps completed, Barrichello P7, Kanaan P10 and Viso P13 #GoProGP #indycar2012

Andrew J. Dixon @thereal_NOX
Looked more like blocking by @scottdixon9 than unavoidable contact by @h3lio. #goprogp

Mandy Valentine @Indy_Mode
Agreed! #IndyCar #GoProGP RT @rkid84: “@kylelewis1: I can’t wait until Simona doesn’t have a lotus.” hear hear

LAP 15 of 85 – TAKU is out of the race – Scott Dixon comes in to pit road … sticker REDS – spins a little on cold tires

Helio in the pits with the same strategy as Dixon

Curt Cavin @curtcavin
Should there be a caution soon, Dixon and Helio would be 1-2. #IndyCar

Shane Rogers @upshifted
If you’re mid pack and further back with pace, now is the time to pit. And hope for a pits closed yellow. #indycar #GoProGP

木代 峰雄 @kishiro26
#INDYCAR 佐藤琢磨 コースアウトしたら エンジントラブルで リタイア 残念です。 早起きして観てたのにねぇ……φ(..) #gaora #indyjp #takumasato

Steve Wittich @stevewittich
Is affecting your enjoyment of watching? NOT MINE!!!!!!! @pressdog: @andhesonit crowd numbers are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. #IndyCar #GoProGP

IZOD IndyCar Series @IndyCar
Cars are starting to take their first pits. Saavedra, Kimball and Hinchcliffe among them. #GoProGP #indycar2012

Ash (アシュー) @racingAsh
Oh boy. Lap traffic for Power. #GoProGP #IndyCar

This is lapped traffic with cold tires … very tricky – PITS

Power in and Power out on scuffed REDS – comes out with RHR giving him blending problems

Simon Pagenaud inherits the lead on the pit stop cycles

LAP 20 of 85

WOW Bourdais and Andretti are dicing strong before and after turn #7

RHR is in the lead now with the pit stop cycles – gets ready to pit – cycle complete for first pit stops of the race

Indy Racing Review @INDYracereview
22 laps completed top 3: @12WillPower @Ryan_Briscoe @BourdaisOnTrack #GoProGP #indycar

Top 10 in the order – Power, Briscoe, Bourdais, Franchitti (closing), TAGS, RHR, Dixon (up from P14), Barrichello, Kanaan, and Pagenaud

BradyWestdyke @BWESTDYKE
63 laps to go at @RaceSonoma #indycar #indycar2012 #GoProGP

Dale Coyne Racing’s Justin Wilson leading Servia and Pagenaud through the “Bus Stop” section of corners on the back side of the race track at Sears Point. The GoPro INDY Grand Prix of Sonoma was the first time the new formula open wheel DW12 cars appeared in competition at this venue. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2012)

Race with Insulin @racewithinsulin
Moving up the field nicely… Currently 18th on lap 23 of 85. #IndyCar #GoProGP -PLR

Albert MacKrell @AMacKrell
Brilliant move by Scott Dixon to stop early and then drive the wheels off the car. #GoProGP #indycar2012

Announcers are talking “NO CAUTIONS” and and saying that this may bring one except that they have been talking this way for the last three races

LAP 25 of 85 – Power has a 4.5 second lead on Briscoe

Great dicing going on between Franchitti and Bourdais for SeaBass’ P3 in Carosel and up to turn #7

Anne Proffit @AnneProffit
@12WillPower taking 26 Indy cars to class #goprogp #indycar2012

Ash (アシュー) @racingAsh
Nice. @RyanHunterReay @FollowAndretti into the 1:19s on Lap 24, joining Dixon, Power & Briscoe w/ best laps under 1:20. #GoProGP #IndyCar

LAP 30 of 85 – This is Will Power’s 100th race in IndyCar and it shows … looking for Pole, Most laps and, of course, the win

Indy Racing Review @INDYracereview
Through the field 1-5: @12WillPower @Ryan_Briscoe @BourdaisOnTrack @dariofranchitti @tagliani #GoProGP #IndyCar

Giu Canbera @Giu_Canbera
BORING RACE at @RaceSonoma @IndyCar #GoProGP . Laguna Seca >> Infineon ..blehhh

Mr. Lehr @SLehr81
32 laps. 0 cautions. Yawn! #IndyCar

Gregory D. Howe @wood_brothers21
I wouldn’t think there would be any shops within the paddock, not that there would be anyone in there now. #IndyCar

E.M.H @elmondohummus
So close to a blog shoutout: Marco with #MoreFrontWing… alas, they said something else. 🙁 #indycar

LAP 35 of 85 – This “Through The Field” segment is about the only thing the announcers can do to keep interest in another NON-YELLOW race

5.5 seconds is the lead that Will Power has over P2 Ryan Briscoe

Michael Williamson @michaelw2000
No penalty for Servia. Hinchcliffe on pit road. #IndyCar #GoProGP

IZOD IndyCar Series @IndyCar
Car No. 27 of Hinchcliffe sitting in the pits. #GoProGP #indycar2012

Hinchtown is out of the car – his day is over – oil line knocked off when Servia spun Hinch around on turn 11

Woodsie @WoodsiesGarage
Hinchcliffe now officially out of the race as we’re a few laps from halfway. Helio makes a stop in the meantime. Lead now 6.93s #IndyCar

David Williams @DaveWilliamsVMM
Drive Through for Sebastián Saavedra #GoProGP #IndyCar

Speeding in pit lane for Sebastián Saavedra

BradyWestdyke @BWESTDYKE
45 laps to go. #IndyCar2012 #GoProGP #IndyCar

Pit stops are beginning with Will Power 5.8 seconds over Ryan Briscoe

Long pit stop for Marco – Briscoe in for pits – RHR has lead – RHR out in the middle of race between Dixon and Bourdais

Ash (アシュー) @racingAsh
WOW! Dixon & RHR! #GoProGP #IndyCar

Michael Williamson @michaelw2000
Dixon is all over the track and damaged his wing hitting Hunter-Reay! #GoProGP #IndyCar

Wing initially damaged with mix up with Graham Rahal … fails with mix up on RHR

LAP 45 of 85 – Top 10 are Power, Briscoe, Bourdais, RHR, Franchitti, Dixon, TAGS, Barichello, Pagenaud, and Rahal

The folks that complain they are bored with this race are NOT watching the action through out the field … or listening to a feed without announcers with passion

209 consecutive GREEN Flag laps t\from Toronto ’till now – Marco Andretti’s car gives up the chase

Dan Brown @19danbrown
I still maintain that the 360-degree on board cameras used in #IndyCar should be used for all open-wheel racing on tv #F1

LAP 50 of 85 – Ruling on Marco – will not get a penalty for engine change by pulling in early … otherwise he would have stayed out until it blew up spreading oil all over their track – Dixon is all out of Push-To-Pass

T.S. Clayton @TSClayton9919
Damn, this @NBCSports crew is so much better than that horrible ABC garbage. #GoProGP #AlwaysBadCoverage

Cooper W @Cynon44
Marco Andretti intentionally blowing the engine so he doesn’t have to take a penalty for the next race. Sneaky. #LoopholeInTheRules #IndyCar

17 cars on the lead lap with Will Power ahead of Ryan Briscoe by 7.45 seconds – Power is walking away with this bad boy

Matt Henderson @MHenderson17
Carcass is a funny word… RT @johncobb40: Is #IndyCar ever going to throw a caution for that tire carcass?

LAP 55 of 85 – Dixon is dropping down the field … now P8

Lap 57/85 @dariofranchitti p5 @scottdixon9 p8 and scheduled to pit in three laps @RaceSonoma #indycar2012

Dixon pit in – Will Power gets 2 points for leading the most laps of this race … CHECK, two down and one to go

Drive through penalty on Car #9 – runs over a hose and ends up having one of his worst days

Race with Insulin @racewithinsulin
Moved up another spot, to P11. Mitch: “Good job, you can catch Kanaan, or we’ll get him in the pits.” #IndyCar #GoProGP -PLR

Kev @ElusiveKev
You would have thought Dixon had encountered a black cat instead of a air hose with his race today. #IndyCar #GoProGP

Tyler Clary interviewed by Robin Miller and messes up the type of stroke the Olympic Gold medal is for

Tony DiZinno @tonydizinno now
Robin and breast stroke… make your own joke from there. Gotta love him. #GoProGP

dominetta vitali @dominovitali
#IndyCar commentator: “race car drivers don’t work hard, and chase women.” really? 😛 #IndyCar2012 #GoProGP

Ross Bynum @therossbynum
Someone throw one of Ashley Judd’s ugly, floppy, gigantic hats on the track. I guarantee it’ll bring out a caution. #IndyCar #GoProGP

Christopher Estrada @estradawriting
RHR hits the pits on Lap 62. Was running 4th. #IndyCar #GoProGP

Big accident while Will Power happened to be in the pits – benefits from Newgarden and Sebastien Bourdais colliding between turns 8 and 9 – Bourdais loses control after dice after turn 7

Ryan Briscoe studies data on iPad handed to him while in the pits between qualification sessions at the GoPro INDY Grand Prix of Sonoma. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2012)

LAP 65 of 85 – Will Power was held up on pit road giving the lead to Ryan Briscoe on lap traffic

YELLOW Flag – on LAP 66 – Top 5 Briscoe, Power, RHR, Franchitti, and TAGS – This may be a long YELLOW Flag due to tire barrier getting wiped out – Smart driving by Briscoe – Helio Castroneves has moved up to P9 after being dropped by penalty back to P25

LAP70 of 85 – 220 consecutive laps under GREEN Flag before this full course caution – Everyone to the refrigerators – P2P has been instrumental and Ryan Briscoe has a bunch more P2P left than Will Power

Will Power on the radio: you guys in the pits need a push-to-hurry-the-hell-up button. #IndyCar #GoProGP

TJ @Tjamily
The older & wiser I get & the more indycar the more I realize that sadly indycar officials just don’t get how to run a good series. #indycar

Mark Johnson @MarkJ19960
Big crash @RaceSonoma with 19 laps to go. @RyanHunterReay is now P3. #IndyCar…

LAP 72 of 85 – Field reset with the drive through order go out with cars one lap down – RHR in P3 … Dario and TAGS are going to be pushing RHR very hard – Penske being interviewed and he says he will not entertain any team orders … Will Power ought to make a deal

LAP 74 – GREEN Flag Restart – RHR was push/touching the rear of Briscoe’s car – get through turn 2 fine

YELLOW Flag – TAGS goes in too deep and taps RHR, spins him and his car stalls – RHR stalls car dumping the clutch

TAGS will receive a drive through penalty for avoidable contact/aggressive driving into the corner

Feaux Barfield @FeauxBarfield
Whoever is in charge of packing Tagliani’s chutes needs to go visit one of the #NHRA neighbors in Brownsville #GoProGP #IndyCar @RaceSonoma

LAP 76 – GREEN Flag Restart – pretty clean – EJ Viso spins around on Turn 7 – RHR touches and spins Viso – Drive Through penalyr for RHR

IndyCar al día @indycaraldiaweb
#IndyCar Briscoe sigue adelante… Power quiere el primer lugar.

Ru Barrichello 2012 @Barrichello2012
“@kvracing: Back to green, 8 laps remain, Barrichello P4, Kanaan P9 and Viso P15 #GoProGP”

j.bear @jbananafish
Bringing an #IndyCar virgin to #GoProGP. One of my best moves to date. #PoppedThatCherry

LAP 80 of 85 – Top ten are Briscoe, Power, Franchitti, Barrichello, Rahal, Castroneves, Pagenaud, Hildebrand, Kanaan, and Wilson

Steph@MoreFrontWing @99forever
Feels a bit now like avoidable contact has just become the default for a soon in that corner… #goprogp

Eric Smith @Ericsportsguru… article about @Ryan_Briscoe on Friday. Correct prediction. @RaceSonoma #GoProGP

Indy Racing Review @INDYracereview
2 laps to go! #IndyCar #GoProGP

Mac McCormick III @KF4LMT
Yes RT @tonydizinno Anyone else want to see @rubarrichello on the podium if Will/Dario channel some 2011 moments? #GoProGP #IndyCar

Adrià Keselowski ;D @aridxon
White flag for Briscoe! #IndyCar

Team Chevy @TeamChevy
Congrats @Ryan_Briscoe & @penskeracing taking the #GoProGP win at @RaceSonoma! #TeamChevyProud #indycar2012

NOTE: Chevrolet clinched the Manufacturers’ Championship as Ryan Briscoe won the GoPro Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma. Chevrolet supplied 15 of 27 engines to the starters in the 85-lap race on the 2.385-mile, 12-turn road course. It has won nine of the 13 IZOD IndyCar Series races.

“We congratulate Chevrolet on clinching the 2012 Manufacturers’ Championship,” said Randy Bernard, CEO, INDYCAR. “In a year that saw the debut of a new car, the return of engine competition and some of the fiercest racing this sport has seen in decades, our hats are off to Chevrolet, its teams and drivers on a job well done.”
[Reference Here]

All hail! Ryan Briscoe celebrates win at the GoPro INDY Grand Prix of Sonoma. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2012)

Panther Racing @PantherRacing
Checkered flag!! @JRHildebrand finishes 8th!! #indycar2012 #goprogp

Chris D @chrisd1974
great #indycar race #sonoma @gahdengremlins

Checkered flag @dariofranchitti p3 @scottdixon9 p13 @RaceSonoma #indycar2012

Ross Bynum @therossbynum
Yay! Briscoe wins! @RB_Mrs is a good luck charm! #IndyCar #GoProGP

Tom Bradley @brndout35
Checkered flag! @Ryan_Briscoe wins the #GoProGP of Sonoma! #indycar2012 — IZOD IndyCar Series (@IndyCar)

Melissa McDonald @MelissaM88
WINNER: Ryan Briscoe! @RaceSonoma #IndyCar #GoProGP

Lewis Dalgarno @lewisdalgarno
I’m guessing Ryan Briscoe will tell us all his radio broke #indycar

IMS Productions @IMSProductions
Congratulations to @Ryan_Briscoe on his win at the #IndyCar #GoProGP of @RaceSonoma!!!

Bobbi S @Sportschickca
@Ryan_Briscoe will win a penalty riddled #Sonoma ….@12WillPower and Franchitti will complete podium. Congrats guys!! #IndyCar

Ricardo Cardoso @ricardo_engsoft
E Ryan Briscoe vence a #IndyCar2012 #GoProGP #SonomaGP

Indy Racing Review @INDYracereview
Congrats to @Ryan_Briscoe on his win #IndyCar #GoProGP

Peter Leung @BaronVonClutch
It’s a @penskeracing 1-2! @Ryan_Briscoe Wins the 2012 #GoProGP at @RaceSonoma! #IndyCar

Michael Williamson @michaelw2000
Ryan Briscoe wins the #IndyCar #GoProGP @RaceSonoma @GoPro @IndyCar Power comes in 2nd and Franchitti in 3rd!

Karl Barth @KarlBarthJr
Yeah!!! Congrats @Ryan_Briscoe & @RB_Mrs on the win!!!! #indycar

nascarcasm @nascarcasm
@RB_Mrs And NOW you can relax! Congratulations! #IndyCar

SSR IndyCar Team @SandSRacing
Congratulations @Ryan_Briscoe, @penskeracing & @TeamChevy on Winning the #GoProGP @RaceSonoma!! #TeamChevyProud #IndyCar2012

Wendy @wendyphil413
Great race by @Ryan_Briscoe!!! Winner at Sonoma! #IndyCar

anthony rock @trock48j
@RB_Mrs Your man did a great job avoiding things today, not much different from Bristol at the end! #IndyCar

View slideshow: GoPro INDY Grand Prix of Sonoma tweet-by-tweet

Podium ceremony in the winner’s circle at the GoPro INDY Grand Prix of Sonoma (L to R – P2 – Will Power, P1 – Ryan Briscoe, P3 – Dario Franchitti). Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2012)

Official Results – GoPro Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma

Official – Results Pos. – Driver – Laps – Running / Reason Out

1     Ryan Briscoe     85     Running
2     Will Power     85     Running
3     Dario Franchitti     85     Running
4     Rubens Barrichello     85     Running
5     Graham Rahal     85     Running
6     Helio Castroneves     85     Running
7     Simon Pagenaud     85     Running
8     JR Hildebrand     85     Running
9     Alex Tagliani     85     Running
10     Tony Kanaan     84     Running
11     Justin Wilson     84     Running
12     James Jakes     84     Running
13     Scott Dixon     84     Running
14     Mike Conway     84     Running
15     Sebastian Saavedra     84     Running
16     EJ Viso     84     Running
17     Simona de Silvestro     84     Running
18     Ryan Hunter-Reay     84     Running
19     Oriol Servia     84     Running
20     Ed Carpenter     84     Running
21     Charlie Kimball     82     Running
22     Sebastien Bourdais     63     Contact
23     Josef Newgarden     62     Contact
24     Katherine Legge     48     Mechanical
25     Marco Andretti     45     Mechanical
26     James Hinchcliffe     34     Mechanical
27     Takuma Sato     2     Mechanical

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