F1: Nico Rosberg To Ferrari? Negotiations Have Begun.

Alonso is the threat to bring Rosberg to heel.
Alonso is the threat to bring Rosberg to heel.

Nico Rosberg to Ferrari? It’s the oldest game in town.

Corriere della Sera, a well-connected Italian daily, says the championship leader and the fabled Maranello marque have been in contact. What does that mean?

It means the German driver is out of contract.

Rosberg, undoubtedly, is driving well. He won seven races in a row. But it might be a legitimate question to ask if another Nico – the Hulkenberg one, for argument’s sake – might also have won seven on the trot while Lewis Hamilton was growing his beard and smoking Hookah pipes. Romain Grosjean? Maybe. Fernando Alonso?


Let’s stop there and imagine what sort of conversation may have taken place in the silver motorhome in the past few days.

“Hey Toto. I’m seven-wins-in-a-row awesome, just like Schumacher was, you know that. I see Lewis has got a shiny red jet. I want one too. Gimme a new contract.”

“Fair enough, Nico, but I don’t know about that shiny jet. Let me just throw some random words at you: Hulk. Grosjean. Wehrlein. (long pause for effect). Alonso.”

Alonso – who, let’s remember for later, is very much Spanish – may pretend he’s all cool and dandy and motivated about being the ninth loser in qualifying, but he said once that he would give his left and right arm for a third title. Not literally, of course, because as a mere torso he would probably cease to be such a great leverage tool when it comes to Toto Wolff’s efforts to talk Rosberg’s jet aspirations down.

Everyone has to have a shiny new red jet. This one is Lewis Hamilton's.
Everyone has to have a shiny new red jet. This one is Lewis Hamilton’s.

During that aforementioned ‘long pause’, Rosberg had plenty of time to plot his next move, too. So it’s with some scepticism that we might have read the Corriere della Sera article.

Let’s stop again and imagine the next conversation between Nico and Toto.

“Hey Nico. Totally random question — you speak Italian, right?”

“Sure do. I speak 5 languages, all fluently. It helps when you bump into journalists in the paddock, things like that.”

“Got it. Listen, I know you like Lewis’s jet but, personally, I think the seats in first class are just as good. You know, the ones we’ve been buying you for seven years. Personal opinion. So when you’re ready to talk, we’ll talk.”

“No rush.”

“Oh, one last question, Nico. You speak Spanish too, right? Maybe we should do it in Spanish.”

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