Engine row rumbles on

There appears to be no end in sight to the engine row with the Ferrari and Red Bull team bosses voicing their frustrations with Mercedes.

Formula 1 introduced new engine regulations at the start of the 2014 campaign as teams moved from V8 engines to 1.6-litre V6 turbo-charged hybrid power units.

Development on engines during the season is also frozen, but the likes of Ferrari and Red Bull are calling for change ahead of the 2015 campaign.

Although they have plenty of support, only a unanimous vote in favour will lead to change and at this point Mercedes are unwilling to lift the freeze.

Ferrari team principal Marco Mattiacci feels Mercedes does not “share the same values” as other teams.

“We keep discussing but there is some other player that keeps changing idea,” he told ESPNF1. “But we keep working; we don’t give up on a very fundamental principal of Formula One that is innovating and competing.

“Probably someone does not share these values of Formula One. I have to tell you at the same time we must appreciate the fact everyone is trying to meet a middle ground. It is clear it has to be fair enough for everyone to really change what is happening [the stand-off between sides]”

Meanwhile his Red Bull counterpart Christian Horner says it is “ridiculous” that everyone will end up spending more money because of the current regulations.

“Not only do have we an enormously expensive engine, we’ve an engine we have very limited development on,” he told Press Association Sport. “So all you are going to do is freeze in an advantage we currently see.

“Theoretically the right thing to do is to allow a window for the manufacturers behind to catch up if you really want to control all the costs.

“But that then wouldn’t be fair on Mercedes, so if you open it up you have to open it up for all the competitors, otherwise we will have Mercedes dominating for the duration of this engine life.

“With a majority vote 2016-17-18 can be opened, so we will have to face the pain in 2015.

“But that is ridiculous because we will all end up spending a lot more money over a longer period of time.

“What should happen is a window should be opened to allow Renault, Ferrari and Honda (supplying McLaren from next year) to try to close that gap.”

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