Eleventh Round #EdmontonIndy Tweet-By-Tweet

As cars were still in the process of finishing the race, Penske’s Helio Castroneves celebrates his second win of the season … Spiderman-Style. Image Credit:

Eleventh Round #EdmontonIndy Tweet-By-Tweet

Ryan Hunter-Reay’s hot streak continued yesterday during Firestone Fast Six qualifications as the American edged Dario Franchitti by one one-hundredth of a second for pole at the Edmonton City Centre Raceway. However, because the Andretti Autosport driver will incur a 10-spot grid penalty for an engine change, Hunter-Reay will start 11th, with Franchitti leading the field to the green flag.

“It was great we picked up a championship point for the pole, but too bad we will be starting 11th instead of first because of the engine change,” said Ryan Hunter-Reay after qualifications. “[The race] will be really interesting for everyone.”

Ryan Briscoe, Takuma Sato, Alex Tagliani, and Helio Castroneves completed the Firestone Fast Six, while championship contenders Will Power and Scott Dixon were caught by a brief rain storm during round two, which kept them making the Fast Six round. Power will start P17, while Dixon will grid in 18th position after he too incurred a 10-spot grid penalty for changing an engine.

The following entries about the Honda Indy Toronto come from “Tweet Deck” tweet-by-tweet with added comments from the author:

Edmund Jenks @TheEDJE – Pivotal #EdmontonIndy may prove P2P strategy key to /pivota… via@examinercom #indycar #dw12 #p2p#chevrolet #honda

Dario Franchitti and Ryan Briscoe lead the field into turn one at the start of the Edmonton Indy. Image Credit: INDYCAR/LAT USA

GREEN, GREEN, GREEN – This will be the last color of race control flag being waved the rest of the race!

The action of this 2012 #EdmontonIndy got going quickly as Dario Franchitti led off the initial start while Ryan Briscoe, who shared the front row, began falling back and dropped to fifth. Alex Tagliani, who started fourth, made an aggressive move to second and eventually took the lead from Franchitti as the field completed the first lap.

The first stint ran without incident with the only drama occurring on lap 13 as James Hinchcliffe missed his braking point in the final hairpin when he tried to pass Simon Pagenaud for 10th. He ran wide in the corner and fell to 13th. Will Power broke loose somewhat on corner exit and slightly brushed the wall – no major effect.

LAP20 of 75 – Top Ten – Tagliani, Franchitti, Sato, Castroneves, Briscoe, Rahal, Barrichello, Wilson, Hunter-Reay, and Pagenaud

LAP23 of 75 – Pitstops begin – Will Power overtakes Pagenaud for P10

LAP25 has Rahal, Wilson, Pagenaud, Newgarden, Kimball and more in for fuel and a change of tires – Briscoe and Power stay out – Castroneves, who started the race on black tires, changed to REDS during his first stop

The two Penske Racing drivers come in on LAP26 and Will Power comes out just ahead in contention on Turn #1 of Ryan Hunter-Reay to begin LAP27

LAP30 of 75 – Top Ten – Tagliani, Helio, Dario, TAKU, Briscoe, Rahal, Power, Kanaan, RHR, and Wilson

We pick up the addition of Tweet-By-Tweet commentary on LAP35:

Christopher Estrada @estradawriting
Takuma Sato finally gets past Dario Franchitti! Move him to third place.
#IndyCar #EdmontonIndy

Dominique Gelineau @dgelineau
Sato overtakes Franchitti – Sato now in 3rd. #edmontonindy

Rebecca F. @hermione278
Nice job by Sato! #EdmontonIndy

Meesh Beer @whatimthinking
GO TAKU GO!! #indycar #edmontonindy

Matt Archuleta @indy44
The P2P has definitely improved the racing today. Can’t remember seeing this much passing at Edmonton. #EdmontonIndy

Lap 38 @dariofranchitti reporting overtake assist is not working #edmontonindy

LAP38 of 75 – Top 10 – Tagliani, Castroneves, Sato, Briscoe, Rahal, Power, Hunter-Reay, Wilson, and Hinchcliffe

Team Barracuda – BHA @BHA
Great to hear so many messages of support from the fans! Tagliani continues to lead at #EdmontonIndy!

The gap between Briscoe and Power is getting smaller … may catch up and gain positions

Matt Archuleta @indy44
Lap 42 and no yellows. I hope I didn’t jinx it by posting that. #EdmontonIndy

Rebecca F. @hermione278
Servia still has all of his P2P left. #EdmontonIndy

Ted Bauer @tedgbauer
Engine wise here how it looks only Ford in the top 5 is 2nd place – rest are Honda Engines. #edmontonindy


James Jakes @JamesJakes
JJ experiencing problems with the left rear. In the pits for the crew to exam. #EdmontonIndy #indycar2012

LAP45 of 75 – Power only .5 sec. behind Briscoe now … passes Briscoe for position to P6 and now set sights on Rahal who is less than 2 seconds ahead

Keyrazy LEDs @KeyrazyLEDs
So Servia is the only driver that has not used ptp yet at the @IndyCar #Edmontonindy race. Pagenaud has almost used his up!

LAP 48 of 75 – Servia is in P21 and Pagenaud is in P11

CogitoErgoBibo @CogitoErgoBibo
Amazing that we’re still caution-free in #edmontonindy Hope that holds. Great racing!

Rebecca F. @hermione278
Sato gaining on Helio. #EdmontonIndy

Final pitstops expected soon as we are on LAP49 of 75

Helio Castroneves is in the pits on LAP50 – REDS on in order to finish out the last stint – Wilson in as well!

LAP51 Taku, Tags, Dario, Briscoe, RHR, and more

Castroneves passes Tagliani on pitstop exchange for the lead

Power comes out in P4 in front of Rahal and more importantly ahead of RHR at P7

LAP55 of 75 – Top 10 – Helio, Tagliani, Sato, Power, Rahal, Dario, Briscoe, Hunter-Reay, Kanaan, and Wilson

Takuma Sato puts a pass on Tagliani for P2

Meesh Beer @whatimthinking
@therossbynum if anyone is insane enough to try it, it’s Taku!! #indycar #edmontonindy

Sébastien Bourdais @BourdaisOnTrack – Second pitstop // Deuxième pitstop #edmontonindy

Joe @WFOJoe
I’d like to see #IndyCar add 150hp for next year, good racing but the cars need to be faster! #Boost

Will Power passes Tagliani for P3 on LAP57 – Tags blocks Rahal but does not get away with it – spins and loses positions to P5

IndyCar al día @indycaraldiaweb
Alex Tagliani perdió hasta el 5to lugar, lo han pasado Power y Rahal. Gran estrategia del australiano #IndyCar

LAP 59 of 75 – Helio pulls away from Taku by 1.2 seconds

LAP 60 of 75 – Top 10 – Helio, Sato, Power, Rahal, Tags, Dario, Briscoe, RHR, Wilson, and Dixon

LAP 61 of 75 – Sato is cutting into the lap times of Helio and looks stronger and wants the lead of the race – He looks to be dropping deeper into the corners than Helio

Dan Brodeur @LumberingD
Good one! RT @SUNdvandiest As long as Helio Castroneves doesn’t block anybody, he should be able to win this race. #edmontonindy

Shane Rogers @shagers
Bobby Rahal: “Helio starts blocking when he picks up his rental car from the airport.” LOL. #indycar #EdmontonIndy

Top 5 DW12’s are running on the REDS

Dominique Gelineau @dgelineau
Sato will have the pass in the next few laps. He’s getting quicker. #edmontonindy

Rebecca F. @hermione278
Newgarden is the last car on the lead lap. #EdmontonIndy

Zachary Houghton @indycaradvocate
Honda vs Chevy. Who’s got this? #edmontonindy

Gina Navarra @fastlifeofgina
I really wanna see Taku win especially after what happened at the #Indy500 #EdmontonIndy #IndyCar

Ten laps to go and it is still Castroneves and Sato for the lead with NO YELLOW Flags!

Rahal in P4 is challenging Power for position at P3 at .6 seconds back

Sarah Quest @leadtheway
I know I’m supposed to be cheering for the Rebel Alliance, but I want to see Helio win…. #EdmontonIndy

Victor Vallee @Victor_Vallee
Sato is hungry, but does he have enough to get by Helio? #IndyCar

Ian Court @iancourtracing
C’mon Taku, nail him #SatoForTheWin #Indycar #edmontonindy

Larry Collester Sr
With just a few laps to go. Castroneves was pushing his Push to not get passed button!

Gina Navarra @fastlifeofgina
Do either Helio or Taku have any P2P left? #EdmontonIndy #IndyCar

The biggest problem with P2P is that there is little way for the fans to know where the drivers are in relation to this tool and its use

LAP70 of 75 – It is still Helio holding off Sato – Power being challenged by Rahal for P3 – and RHR challenging Ryan Briscoe for P7

Racing all over the place on this weird counter-clockwise course – Lapped traffic may come into play @TrackVids_com
#IndyCar: Sato having difficulty getting the power down and falls back, then catches up under braking…every lap

LAP71 of 75 – Power has pulled a full second on Rahal – Servia at P24 pulls out of the way of the lead pack traffic – very professional

This may end up good for Helio, good for Power and, of course, Great for Penske

Shane Rogers @shagers
Championship quality drive by Power today. #indycar #EdmontonIndy

Three laps to go – RHR passes Ryan Briscoe for P7
Richard Griffis @RichardGriffis

Is there anything dumber in racing than push to pass used by #indycar at #edmontonindy? Please let the drivers drive without the gimics!

Castroneves has 27 seconds of P2P whereas Sato only has 15 seconds

Tony Stack @TonyStack1
Come on Tacu Sato great racing to the flag #IndyCar

Javi Martin @rubiodj77
2 laps to go, todo sugue igual en el TOP 5 liderando Castroneves #IndyCar

RacingNation Crew @RacingNation
Just think how good this battle would be between @h3lio & Sato if they had 200 more HP? #edmontonindy #IndyCar

Last lap it is all Helio Castroneves and Sato trails 10 car lengths

CHECKERED Flag – Helio Wins #EdmontonIndy and moves up to P2 in the points championship

Final Top Ten – Helio Castroneves, Takuma Sato, Will Power (makes podium after starting in P17), Graham Rahal, Alex Tagliani, Dario Franchitti Ryan Hunter-Reay, Ryan Briscoe, Justin Wilson, and Scott Dixon

Tony DiZinno @tonydizinno
That sound you hear is the collective groan from the #IndyCar fanbase as Taku finishes second.

Emma Buxton @EmBuxton
#edmontonindyy!@h3lioo takes the win,@TakumaSatoRacerr &@12WillPowerr on podium.#indycar20122 WOOOOO HOOOO

Fernando Oliveri @olivierirokao
@h3lio wins! #IndyCar

Gabriel Marinho @marinho_gabriel
elio castroneves vence o gp d edmonton, a 11ª etapa da #formulaindy 2012; sato é o 2º, power 3º, barrichello o 15º e kannan 19º. #indycar

Linda @greenfield7814
Great race for Power and Sato #Indycar

Kassia @KassiaS10
@h3lio is the winner! Woohoo in your face! #indycar

Bruno Santos @_snatos
Parabéns ao @h3lio na #IndyCar

IZOD IndyCar Series @IndyCar
Checkered flag on the #edmontonindy! @h3lio takes the win! @TakumaSatoRacer & @12WillPower on podium. #indycar2012

Jennifer Coomer @jennifercoomer

“Spiderman” Castroneves climbs the fence again as he did at the end of the first race of the season in St. Petersburg after his first win of the season. At the time of this expression of joy for his win, cars were still crossing the finish line to take the Checkered Flag. Image Credit: IICS via Twitter

1 Racing Mind @1RacingMind
Helio Castroneves wins the #INDYCAR series #EdmontonIndy.

Joan Boscà @sentoan
#IndyCar Ganó Castroneves, 2º Sato, 3º Power, Oriol último con problemas #IndyCar

Dan Takyi @D4NT4KY1
Castoneves wins! Sato P2, Power then Rahal, Tagliani, Frnachetti, Hunter-Reay, Briscoe, Wilson, Dixon, Conway Hinchcliffe, Kimball #Indycar

Basementball @basementball
Helio Castroneves wins at #Edmonton. That was a fantastic race with NO CAUTIONS. I wish every race could be like that. #IndyCar

Mazza @GPtee_
#edmontonindy #indycar2012 Great race – thanks for the action @TakumaSatoRacer & @h3lio now for the Spiderman 😉

Jason Sharpe @jasonsharpe
That @TakumaSatoRacer is an awesome addition to this series…great drive today. #IndyCar #edmonton

SpeedFreaks @SpeedFreaks
Caution free @IndyCar race won by @h3lio… #EdmontonIndy Excellent run by @TakumaSatoRacer too! #IndyCar

Nikki Thompson @nikki_btcc
Great drive @h3lio! #IndyCar #EdmontonIndy

Four Chevy’s (P1, P3, P7, P8) and six Honda’s (P2, P4, P5, P6, P9, P10) in the top ten

SWO @Pudgey_Pete
@shagers Radio broadcast had it covered at least. T&S was great today with the P2P numbers and who was on it. @RBINDYCAR #indycar

Mark Johnson @MarkJ19960
@h3lio wins @ Edmonton and @RyanHunterReay holds onto a 23 pt lead over now P2 Castroneves & 26 over P3 Power. #IndyCar

Podium celebration with (L to R) P3 RLL Racing’s Takuma Sato, P1 Penske Racing’s Helio Castroneves, and P3 Penske Racing’s Will Power at Edmonton City Centre Raceway. Image Credit: IICS via Twitter

Official #EdmontonIndy Results

Pos.     Driver             Laps     Running / Reason Out

1     Helio Castroneves     75     Running
2     Takuma Sato         75     Running
3     Will Power         75     Running
4     Graham Rahal         75     Running
5     Alex Tagliani         75     Running

6     Dario Franchitti     75     Running
7     Ryan Hunter-Reay     75     Running
8     Ryan Briscoe         75     Running
9     Justin Wilson         75     Running
10     Scott Dixon         75     Running

11     Mike Conway         75     Running
12     James Hinchcliffe     75     Running
13     Rubens Barrichello     75     Running
14     Marco Andretti         75     Running
15     Sebastien Bourdais     75     Running

16     EJ Viso         75     Running
17     Josef Newgarden     75     Running
18     Tony Kanaan         75     Running
19     Charlie Kimball     75     Running
20     Simon Pagenaud         74     Contact

21     JR Hildebrand         74     Running
22     Ed Carpenter         74     Running
23     Simona de Silvestro     73     Running
24     Oriol Servia         65     Mechanical
25     James Jakes         43     Mechanical

In two weeks, the IZOD IndyCar Series is back in the Midwest
for the Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio. The twelfth race of the season will take
place on Sunday, August 5. An estimated green flag for the 85-lap competition is
scheduled to drop at approximately 1 p.m. EDT. Fans can watch the live
broadcast on ABC, or listen live on IMS Radio Network and Sirius (XM 94 and Sirius 212).

… notes from The EDJE

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