Berger questions Vettel’s Ferrari move

Gerhard Berger puts Sebastian Vettel’s chances of winning a title with Ferrari at “50:50” given that Fernando Alonso – “one of the best” – couldn’t do it.

Next season Vettel is expected to line up on the grid in a Ferrari having confirmed that he is leaving Red Bull Racing.

The German will reportedly replace Fernando Alonso at the Italian stable as the Spaniard too is seeking a new challenge.

However, Vettel’s may be bigger than he realises.

“The challenge that Sebastian has taken on is one of the largest you can have in Formula 1,” Berger told Sport Bild.

The 55-year-old, who had two stints with Ferrari during his time in F1, added that there is no guarantee Vettel will win another title with Ferrari.

“50:50,” he said of the German’s chances of winning another title.

“Fernando Alonso is one of the best in the business, and he has not become a World Champion.

“In my opinion the situation at Ferrari at the moment a little too turbulent. And I simply would not have believed that Vettel would go there at this time.”

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