Author Has Own NASCAR Passions, Perspectives; So What Are Yours?

Dale Earnhardt, a past winner of the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, was a target for many anecdotes by the media, including the author.

I have a unique perspective as a racing fan, especially a NASCAR one.

Having been raised by an amateur sports car racer who hungrily consumed any and all racing news, articles, pictures, and stories, I learned to have an appreciation for all forms of motorsports.

Living in southwest Virginia with my husband I cultivated a love and appreciation for NASCAR, its history and lore as well as its present and future.

Raising three children ages (nearly) 11, seven and four, I have an awareness that what is exciting and engrossing for adults is not usually what captivates children.

I have my passions when it comes to NASCAR. My father has his. My husband champions his own. And my children often verbalize theirs to me.

Then, of course, there are the fans of NASCAR who both ask my opinion and boldly share their own on my social media walls.

As with belly buttons, all people have opinions and within the world of NASCAR there are many strong ones.

I have built a reputation as the writer who loves NASCAR and recite the reasons why weekly.

Many read my articles for my “voice.” I appreciate that greatly.

NASCAR is many things.

Jeff Gordon was the first NASCAR driver to win at Indianapolis and he went on to win the Brickyard 400 three more times.

For me NASCAR is my home, my career, my hobby, and my interest. It gives me a commonality with the men in my life and provides a source for friendships.

My first race was at the historic Martinsville Speedway. I took my sons to their first race at the same track.

I delight in retelling Dale Earnhardt stories with my fellow fans that still mourn his loss and find great comfort and joy in reminiscing about him.

And I revel in the enormity and enthusiasm of Jr. Nation.

With awe I look at record breakers and setters like Jimmie Johnson and still find hope in my heart for underdogs who can win at the end of the race.

After all, my daddy taught me that bringing the car back in one piece and enjoying running the race was winning.

Researching names from NASCAR’s long, complicated, and choppy history enthralls me. History, as I mentioned, is a passion of mine.

Witnessing the first Brickyard 400 as a fan and still counting myself as one in its 20th running this weekend makes me smile.

Pocono Raceway used to just be my closest track and now has become my home track complete with an extended family.

NASCAR is a part of my everyday life. I follow the season, learn the personalities, explore the venues (mostly virtually), and truly care about the outcomes of the races and the season.

So what does NASCAR mean to you?

No, seriously.

How long have you been watching/following NASCAR? Why does it capture your attention? And what keeps you a NASCAR fan? Does the history of the sport interest you or just the current season?

I really would love to know so leave your answers in the comments section.

As always, I truly thank you kindly for reading and so look forward to your words to learn more about YOU.



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