Inagural IZOD IndyCar Baltimore Grand Prix

Picturesque Baltimore with a race track laid out around Camden Yard Ballpark. Andretti Autosport driver, Ryan Hunter-Reay as he takes warm-up laps at the Baltimore Grand Prix. Image Credit:

Inagural IZOD IndyCar Baltimore Grand Prix – Tweet-By-Tweet

A first-time new event on the IndyCar schedule deserves a report that, in itself, is a New Media approach to describe the Inagural IZOD IndyCar Baltimore Grand Prix – Race 15 of 18 for the 2011 season.

Welcome to an internet based exercise that this author/editor calls Tweet-By-Tweet. It is a form of New Media reporting on an event from the perspective of mostly well informed and rabid followers of a particular discipline that happen to be communicating LIVE at the same time, sharing their reactions to the happenings of an important event.

The following “Tweets” (entries from Twitter social media portal) come from those who have an account on Twitter and become followed by people of similar interests plus specific #hashtag searches. Contributors who “Tweet” (create an entry made on Twitter) come from many backgrounds such as racing team communications personnel, writers, drivers from other series, bloggers, and just plain fans.

This excerpted and edited from Twitter with entries added from IndyCar Race Control and the author –

pressdog Bill Zahren – Let’s light this candle … and all tighten our helmet chin straps …

curtcavin Curt Cavin – I don’t think #indycar could have asked for any more from this inaugural event. Unbelievable crowds, community support.

jameypricephoto Jamey Price – Here’s where I am for race start [photo above]. 5 mins to go!! #IndyCar

Race Start:

Dawn388 Dawn – Green green green [above] …

Commentary: Lap 1: #28 – Ryan Hunter-Reay improved to 5th from 6th.

Safety Crew almost caught in the race start.

toomuchracing Pat W – Power takes it back

Commentary: Lap 2: #82 – Tony Kanaan improved to 26th from 27th.

SBPopOffValve Mr. Pop Off Valve – Anyone else notice the traffic light blowing in the draft from the race cars? #awesome

pressdog Bill Zahren – Iron savored … Conway getting MASSIVE air in the B Dub’s car that I am watching in B Dubs because I asked them to show it.

FollowAndretti Andretti Autosport – If you’re watching on @VERSUSIndyCar, let us know what you think of the No. 27 Team @BWWings in-car shots! [Car photo above – Image Credit:] #Bdubs

pressdog Bill Zahren – Might take a while before drivers are confident enough to drive like idiots.

RacingNation RacingNation Crew – That’s the best we could’ve asked for regarding the start and lap one considering the track, nice job #BGP2011 #IndyCar @BaltimoreGP

99forever Steph@MoreFrontWing – Graham is legit keeping pace with Power. We just flat don’t see anyone do that very often. #indycar

toomuchracing Pat W – Errr… RT @Mattzel89: what the hell was the safety truck [upper left corner of photo above] still doing on the track at the start?! #IndyCar

shagers Shane Rogers – You won’t want to go smacking that kerb at T13 hard all day. These cars won’t love that. #indycar

LAP 8 of 75 – top 10 settle in as Power, Rahal, Franchitti, Briscoe, Bourdais, RHR, Conway, Viso, Dixon, and de Silvestro

pressdog Bill Zahren – Graham did not DEFEND when Power tried to retake the lead. Are we angry about that? No we (I) am not.

indy44 Matt Archuleta – Will Power leads by over a second. #IndyCar

kvracing KV Racing Technology – After 10 laps, @EJVISO is P8, Sato P24 and @TonyKanaan @GEICORacing is P26

AllenWedge Allen Wedge – Drivers starting to find rhythm, T&S says half the field keep putting up their fastest lap of the race almost every lap

Sebastian Bourdais has a problem and comes into the pits

toomuchracing Pat W – Bourdais in the pits with a problem, he’s stuck in 3rd gear

FollowAndretti Andretti Autosport – Kyle to RHR: “That’s 10 laps complete. Just take your time and work you way up to Briscoe.” #IndyCar #BGP2011

supermotoD50 Dennis Anderson – Watchin’ Indy Car…… One question ……. WHY does Open Wheel ANYTHING insist on running on street circuits??

Zach_Alt Zach Ingalsbe – by SBPopOffValve@SBPopOffValve OH MY GOD! PASSES! WHAT IS THIS? SORCERY?!

First round of pit stops for tire changes – back markers looking to change things up by going out of fuel window sequence. Sheckter, Andretti, Patrick, Servia, & Castroneves pit to name a few.

Dawn388 Dawn – @DanicaPatrick

toomuchracing Pat W – Kanaan passes Patrick, right in the place his brakes failed this morning, brave

shagers Shane Rogers – It will be a two-stop race. These guys pitting now need to get to about Lap 40. #indycar #bgp2011

kvracing KV Racing Technology – After 20 laps, Viso is running P6, Sato P14 and Kanaan P24

AllenWedge Allen Wedge – Sato has already close 2 seconds of gap off of Hildebrand, telling you, Sato is moving big time (hopefully he can control it)

indy44 Matt Archuleta – Leaders getting caught up with lap cars. #IndyCar

LAP 21 Will Power and Graham Rahal come in to the pits leaving Dario in the lead.

Power out in P3 behind Briscoe and RHR.

HVMracing HVM Racing – This butterfly [photo above] just landed on crew guy Miguel’s shoulder! Is that good luck?!

shagers Shane Rogers – Briscoe is going to stay out an extra few laps here and try and mug Dario for 3rd. #indycar #bgp2011

curtcavin Curt Cavin – Hats off to drivers. We all thought there’d be contact by now. 22 laps in. #indycar

curtcavin Curt Cavin – Hats off to the crowd, too. Not only is it SRO, it’s STILL SRO despite sweltering heat. #indycar

penskeracing Penske Racing – Fastest service in pit lane [Will Power] takes care of business, taken by the crew of @RyanBriscoe6 .

LAP 25 of 75 Top 10 – Power, Rahal, Franchitti, RHR, Briscoe, Viso, de Silvestro, Dixon, Meira, and Pantano.

BeccyGordon Beccy Gordon – @FollowAndretti boys just ROCKED that stop!!! He got the 6 Yeah Buddy! P4!

99forever Steph@MoreFrontWing – Well, it’s no Toronto so far, but I don’t see a lot of complaints of boredom, either. Good sign? #indycar

FollowAndretti Andretti Autosport – Ziggy to Mike: “Try to keep the tires pressures up, go another lap and see what we can do.” #IndyCar #BGP2011

LAP 30 – Penalty charged to Power for skipping Chicane – 3 seconds

curtcavin Curt Cavin – @12WillPower charged 3 seconds for running the chicane. Gave 2 seconds back on last lap. Still owes 1 second. #indycar

shagers Shane Rogers – Common Sense from Race Control there on Chicane skip by Will Power. #indycar #bgp2011

BeccyGordon Beccy Gordon – Power ran the chicane & his penalty was to slow 1 lap time by 3 seconds.

Marco Andretti in 24th place is holding up the leaders in turn #9

SBPopOffValve Mr. Pop Off Valve – Man, what is up with Marco Andretti lately on roadies? Dude needs a Herta spin just to stay on the lead lap.

YELLOW Flag – Full Course Caution at LAP 32.

danicaracing Danica Racing Online – Full course caution, pits closed.

kvracing KV Racing Technology – Full course yellow for Scheckter in turn 8

IndyCar IZOD IndyCar Series – Current Top 10 (30/75): Power, Rahal, Franchitti, Hunter-Reay, Briscoe, Viso, de Silvestro, Dixon, Meira, Pantano.

SBPopOffValve Mr. Pop Off Valve – Holmatro Safety Team gets to Scheckter belatedly. Probably tooling around somewhere on the track.

indy44 Matt Archuleta – This restart should be a hoot. #IndyCar

FTHurley Fred Hurley – I’m sure the drivers will use the same circumspect caution and care on this restart that they displayed at Toronto. #indycar #BGP2011

FollowAndretti Andretti Autosport – Problem for No. 27 may be shocks. @BWWings team working hard to get Mike back out. #IndyCar #BGP2011

racingAsh Ash (アシュー) – Starting to see passing in turn one. #bgp2011 #indycar

shagers Shane Rogers – Let me assure you, they won’t be as conservative on this restart now they now how hard it is to pass. #indycar #bgp2011

mfriedman_63 Michael Friedman – Coming up on halfway in this race, already. #Indycar #BGP2011

Next generation of IZOD IndyCar fan … this one knows who is going to win this drive! Image Credit:

chrisd1974 Chris D – #bgp2011 will be remembered by many as the moment AOWR came back 🙂 #indycar

FollowAndretti Andretti Autosport – Still yellow. Team #DHL #CircleK @SunDrop up to 4th. #IndyCar #BGP2011

IndyCar IZOD IndyCar Series – Back to Green @BaltimoreGP! Top 10: Power, Rahal, Franchitti, Hunter-Reay, Briscoe, Viso, de Silvestro, Dixon, Meira, Pantano


Commentary: Yellow Flag at: 15:54:26.530 Contact

Viso and RHR spinning, gets through and Dixon has flat tires … bunches up the field with 7 cars needing assistance in Turn 3.

EJVISO E.J. Viso – P4 en el reinicio. …… Vamossssssss (via bix)

ebreakdown Leif Fescenmeyer – UH Oh! @orangemen_nl: Orangemen carpark [above] @ T3 #BGP2011 #Indycar:

99forever Steph@MoreFrontWing – I think Hinch gained a few positions in that nonsense! LOL #indycar

Briscoe and Ryan Hunter-Reay started the collection – RHR out, Hinchcliffe out, Janes Jakes out, Vitor Meira nose damage repaired and back out in P18.

Tony Kanaan started dead last and is now up to P8.

LAP 40 of 75 – Top 10 are Power, Rahal, Dario, Viso, de Silvestro, Servia, Briscoe, Kanaan, Kimball, and Hildebrand.

shagers Shane Rogers – I tell you, that’s the long yellow that Kanaan needed to make it to the end. #indycar #bgp2011

shagers Shane Rogers – Briscoe will get a penality, but race control need to figure out the order first. #indycar #bgp2011

SteveMarengo Steve Marengo – More krap from race control #BGP2011 #IndyCar

estradawriting Christopher Estrada – And Kanaan’s move has been nullified?!? #IndyCar #BGP2011

FollowAndretti Andretti Autosport – Marco out of the No. 26 car; for now, it sounds like gearbox problems. #IndyCar #BGP2011

kvracing KV Racing Technology – Kanaan and Sato pit under yellow. Viso is P5, Kanaan P11, Sato P19. Lap 43 of 75

99forever Steph@MoreFrontWing – @TonyKanaan So sorry that your skill in picking a line to get through that mess means nothing in INDYCAR.

shagers Shane Rogers – I’ll tell you the smart thing though. Race Control set the order *before* they opened the pits. That was a heads up move by race control.

99forever Steph@MoreFrontWing – RT @Crushr99: @99forever TK can’t pass ‘disabled’ cars under yellow, That’s why Hildebrand won the 2011 Indy 500. #IndyCar #Not

Top 10 in reset running order – Power, Rahal, Dario, Briscoe, Viso, de Silvestro, Kimball, Hildebrand, Beatriz, And Servia. Additional delay to clean up gearbox oil laid down by Marco Andretti as he ended his race coming into the pits.

toomuchracing Pat W – A whole lot of cement dust down to cover that oil

AllenWedge Allen Wedge – People, calm downb, TK gained half the positions back when everyone pitted and will get the rest when those other pit too

FollowAndretti Andretti Autosport – Still under yellow. Patrick 12, Hunter-Reay 18, Andretti 23 (out), Conway 25. #IndyCar #BGP2011

andyjm1989 Andy Manes ✔ by BeccyGordon – @BeccyGordon he better! and how can they put all those stopped cars back into their positions before turn 3?! wtf so does RHR get 4th back?


indy44 Matt Archuleta – Briscoe will get a penalty sent to back. #IndyCar

AllenWedge Allen Wedge – Servia and Kanaan racing for the win it sounds like

kvracing KV Racing Technology – After 20mins of yellow we r back to Green. Lap 49 of 75

99forever Steph@MoreFrontWing – Briscoe gets a penalty. That part is right, at least. #indycar

PippaMann Pippa Mann – Interesting double race going on now! Oriol is the 1st car to have stopped… Power trying to build enough gap…..

HVMracing HVM Racing – Simona has passed Viso on the restart to advance to P4!

NewmanHaas Newman Haas Racing – O is now P6. SERVIA! SERVIA! SERVIA!

IndyCar IZOD IndyCar Series – Current Top 10 with 23 laps to go [52 of 75]: Power, Rahal, Franchitti, de Silvestro, Viso, Hildebrand, Servia, Kanaan, Dixon, Beatriz

TonyKanaan Tony Kanaan – Lap 52, P8 (by Benito)

99forever Steph@MoreFrontWing – I can’t believe no one has smacked the wall in turn 9 yet. #indycar

P6 through P10 sees a real dogfight breaking out between Servia, Hildebrand, Kanaan, and Dixon.

toomuchracing Pat W – Rahal pits from 2nd [Lap 56]

NewmanHaas Newman Haas Racing – Ok. One bullet dodged. O got by on track before GR exited the pits

Will Power pits on Lap 58 – Lead goes to Franchitti – Viso pits

indy44 Matt Archuleta – Simona running a great race today. P2 #IndyCar

Franchitti pits and Simona de Silvestra takes the lead followed by Power, Servia, Kanaan, Franchitti, Dixon, Tagliani, Patrick, Sato, and Meira

Simona Pits – Power, Servia, Kanaan, Franchitti, Dixon, Tagliani, Patrick, Sato, Meira, and … RHR!

BeccyGordon Beccy Gordon – I’m so confused on strategy, but RHR is ahead of Graham. Go Ry go!!’

Dale_Nixon Dale Nixon – Terrible pit stop by @HVMracing #justsayin

NewmanHaas Newman Haas Racing – O has P2P for almost every remaining lap. We are P2 now and all have stopped.

IndyCar IZOD IndyCar Series – Current Top 10 (lap 62/75): Power, Servia, Kanaan, Franchitti, Dixon, Tagliani, Patrick, Sato, Meira, Hunter-Reay

One-Half a second separates P6 – P8 – Sato, Tagliani, and Patrick.

10 laps to go and Will Power is in another world flying by at over 9 seconds ahead of P2 Oriol Servia.

kvracing KV Racing Technology – 10 laps to go, Kanaan is P3, Sato P6 and Viso P15

SPEED SPEED Channel, Inc. – Check out the latest #indycar Series photos from #Baltimore courtesy of SPEED. See the photos at

indy44 Matt Archuleta – Top 10 Power Servia TK Dario Dixon Sato Tagliani Danica Vitor RHR #IndyCar

If Dario Franchitti looses another position, Will Power will come aeway from the BGP tied for the season championship! This may not happen because he is being followed by his team-mate Scott Dixon.

indy44 Matt Archuleta – Will Power is in another time zone. #IndyCar [up by nearly 12 seconds on Lap 71]

BeccyGordon Beccy Gordon [RHR’s lady takes photo, above] – Our pit

99forever Steph@MoreFrontWing – Nice! Kevin Lee says on-air that @Hinchtown and @NewmanHaas are going to Motegi to run for ROTY!

Patrick passes RHR to take over P7 on Lap 73.

indy44 Matt Archuleta – @plowey with an impressive run today P12 #IndyCar

danicaracing Danica Racing Online – 3 laps to go, the @godaddy car is P8

kvracing KV Racing Technology – 3 laps remain, TK is still P3, Sato P6 and Viso P15

NewmanHaas Newman Haas Racing – To O: Use your overtake

danicaracing Danica Racing Online – White flag! One more to go!!

IndyCar IZOD IndyCar Series – Will Power wins the Inaugural @BaltimoreGP! P2-P10: Servia, Kanaan, Franchitti, Dixon, Tagliani, Patrick, Hunter-Reay, Meira, Rahal

toomuchracing Pat W – Chequered flag – Power wins! Servia 2nd, Kanaan an amazing 3rd, Dario 4th

99forever Steph@MoreFrontWing – And we’ve got a championship battle on our hands, folks! #indycar

KVRT-Lotus disaster in the hairpin when Viso takes out Sato – WHEN is this guy going to get sat down?!

shagers Shane Rogers – Will Power wins, but Baltimore, you are the champions. #bgp2011 #indycar

Will Power started from the pole, led the most laps and rolled on to win Sunday’s inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix IZOD IndyCar Series race. Power, who has dominated qualifying in the series this season, tallied his record-tying sixth victory of the year. The IndyCar Series championship points race tightens to only 5 points separating points leader Dario Franchitti and Will Power with three races to go – one street/road course and two oval courses!

indy44 Matt Archuleta – We all know how good Will Power is on the road and street courses, the big question is if he can run with Dario on the ovals. #IndyCar

MarcusWiley22 Marcus Wiley – @12WillPower congrats on another victory [#6 on the season]

RacingNation RacingNation Crew – Another nice run for Oriol Servia & @NewmanHaas one of these days they’ll be back in victory lane…sooner than later #BGP2011 #IndyCa

toomuchracing Pat W – Rahal very unhappy with the 10 lap yellow

indy44 Matt Archuleta – Rahal post race interview calls the officiating terrible. #IndyCar

pressdog Bill Zahren – Sounds like they herded the goats off the track and finished strong(er). Festival of Outrage at the IHJ tho.

SBPopOffValve Mr. Pop Off Valve – So does Danica get penalized for passing under a yellow condition? You know what, never mind.

BaltimoreMD Visit Baltimore – Will Power wins the inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix. #bgp2011 #indycar

indy44 Matt Archuleta – Describing the traffic jam “It was just confusion, we looked like a bunch of idiots out there.” -Scott Dixon

estradawriting Christopher Estrada – Servia: “The car was great, the strategy worked even better…I knew w/o any mistakes, the podium was ours.” #IndyCar #BGP2011

racingAsh Ash (アシュー) – For this long time #IndyCar fan , it feels good to hear, a lot of fans saying they can’t wait for next year! Outstanding event by #bgp2011.

TerryBlountESPN Terry Blount – by IndyCarGarage – I’m not a big fan of most street races, but a great crowd today in Baltimore and a thumbs up for the inaugural event.

toomuchracing Pat W – Eh?? RT @Dale_Nixon: Looks like @DanicaPatrick got a Pantano-esque penalty from 7th to out of the Top-10. She is NOT going to be happy.

pressdog Bill Zahren – @SBPopOffValve comingsoon Brian France statement on Danica run.

IndyCar to Danica as it relates to moving on to NASCAR next year … don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

SBPopOffValve Mr. Pop Off Valve – The biggest winner is Baltimore. My goodness, did they ever put on a great event. Well done.

TonyKanaan Tony Kanaan – TK, P3! [on podium, right] (by Benito)

99forever Steph@MoreFrontWing – Hahaha! Awesome! RT @im4irl: At Indy, met @Fieldof33, I actually said “nice to meet you, but I agree with Steph most of the time”.

shagers Shane Rogers – That needs to be on a t-shirt RT @im4irl: @99forever @shagers @fieldof33 “nice to meet you, but I agree with Steph most of the time”.

99forever Steph@MoreFrontWing – Ooh, you’re giving me all kinds of ideas for our next t-shirt sale! LOL RT @shagers: That needs to be on a t-shirt

99forever Steph@MoreFrontWing – And with no contrived playoff format! RT @WhateverJoel: “How can a title battle be within 5 points with 3 races to go?” -Brian France

PippaMann Pippa Mann – Also add me to the million people who have said what a great event Baltimore put on for #Indycar!!! …

AllenWedge Allen Wedge – RHR no mention of Danica pass in post race interview, clearly this one is a non-isse. time for fans to drop it #IndyCar

In the end, at the winner’s podium, the crowd at Baltimore gathered around as if it was at a stage door waiting for a rock star to show up … Will Power gains 57 points in three races which eclipses Darion Franchitti’s 55 points over four races gain on Power last year to win the championship.


indy44 Matt Archuleta – @BaltimoreGP: Victory Lane [photo above] #bgp2011 #IndyCar 

People estimate the crowd to be larger than Long Beach over the last three days … wake up Long Beach!

shagers Shane Rogers – For #bgp2011 #indycar First timers: Next Races on TV: Japan Sep 17 11:30pm ET Versus; Kentucky Oct 2 2pm Versus; Vegas Oct 16 3pm ABC.

In the Podium post race interview, a deeply superstitious P3 Tony Kanaan reflected that after the warm-up crash where his car lost its brakes while traveling approximately 170mph (no injuries, on-board video here), he noticed every engine has a number assigned to it by Honda and that since the team planned to use the engine and transmission in the back-up car, he looked at the number … it was #99. It turns out the car number that Greg Moore drove was #99 … Tony stated he took this as a sign that Greg Moore was not ready to have him be side-by-side with Greg in heaven.

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