Rahal’s Ten Most Beautiful Cars Ever Built

Michele Rahal of The Drive Channel presents his top ten most beautiful car picks. The Lamborghini, Jaguar,Talbot, Mercedes, Corvette…they all all have a place at his exclusive table. http://www.thedrivechannel.com

Chicago Auto Show, 430 HP Hyundai Genesis R Spec

Hyundai decided to give some muscle to the Genesis with a 430 HP upgrade and facelift. The 4 door sedan now moves from the Chicago Auto Show to go head to head with Mercedes, BMW and Lexus. The Drive Channel takes a look. http://www.thedrivechannel.com

Johnson, Schumacher: A Tale of Two Champions

Sprint Cup driver Jimmie Johnson and Formula One driver, Michael Schumacher have a lot in common. Multiple championships and a mastery over placing themselves at the center. Michele Rahal of The Motorsports Channel and http://www.motorsportsunplugged.com suggests that both have a method.


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