Daytona NASCAR Shootout and IndyCar Standing Starts?

This week NASCAR kicks into high gear with the Shootout on Saturday. With a deep talent field, it could get nasty. IndyCar has opened the door to having standing starts. Standing Starts are the most exciting starts in auto racing which, is one core item that sets Formula One apart.

NASCAR Hall of Fame, IndyCar Testing, NHRA Testing and F1 Bans Ride Height System

NASCAR inducted new members to it’s Hall of Fame last week. IndyCar ran another testing round at Sebring with good results. NHRA had an open test session for it’s 2012 lineup in Palm Beach, Florida and Formula One bans a Ride Height System that it approved just a week ago.

NASCAR Daytona Testing, IndyCar Gets Real, Lotus Causes F1 Stir

NASCAR tested it’s Sprint Cup cars yesterday at the Daytona Speedway. Despite the efforts to break up the tandem drafts, the cars still ended up as dancing partners. IndyCar seats are filling up with real talent which is a good thing for the series. Lotus Renault Formula One has set the rest of the teams scrambling to come up with a technical answer to it’s Reactive Ride Height System.

Leffler to Busch, Courtney to Force, Hinchcliffe to Andretti, Senna to Williams?

Jason Leffler, Courtney Force, James Hinchcliffe and Bruno Senna are all on the move. Leffler goes to Kyle Busch’s truck team while Courtney Force debuts for Father John Force. Not to be outdone James Hinchcliffe get’s the big break taking the Go Daddy/Andretti seat in IndyCar and in Formula One, Bruno Senna’s backer, Eike Batista insists that the deal is done for Senna’s seat at Williams.

BREAKING NEWS: Beaux Barfield New IndyCar Race Director

Beaux Barfield has been named Race Director for the IZOD IndyCar series Motorsport Unplugged has learned. Tomorrow an official press conference will be held formalizing the appointment. Motorsports Unplugged congratulates Barfield on the new position.

NASCAR, Formula One, NHRA and IndyCar: 2011 and 2012

The NASCAR, Formula One, NHRA and IndyCar seasons may be over but the action is just starting. The motorsports world has never been more competitive than it is today. What happened in 2011 and what’s coming at us.

Martinsville Critical, F1 Confirmed To New Jersey, Simoncelli Tribute

Martinsville is critical to Carl Edwards, matt Kenseth and Jimmie Johnson. Formula One and New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie Confirmed A 2013 Race along the Hudson River. The late Marco Simoncelli’s team owner, Gresini Honda, will pay tribute in Valencia.


Dan Wheldon Killed In IndyCar Crash

Britain’s Dan Wheldon was killed today in a multi-car crash on lap 13 of the Las Vegas race. The race was cancelled and friends and family mourn his loss as do all the staff of Motorsports Unplugged and The Drive Channel. Dan Wheldon, dead at the age of 33.

Al Unser, Jr’s Arrest Adds To IndyCar’s Problems

Al Unser, Jr. has a serious substance abuse problem. He’s had it for years with multiple arrests but IndyCar’s Race Control still kept him on board making decisions. It’s time to sweep IndyCar’s Race Control Team out of the door and start the 2012 season off correctly. Unser’s arrest recently should be the final straw.

NASCAR, NHRA, IndyCar, F1:Most Competitive Ever

In NASCAR, NHRA, IndyCar and Formula One it has never been more competitive than it is now despite a Global economic downturn. It seems that true racing competitors fight harder now than they ever have in history.

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