Rahal’s Ten Most Beautiful Cars Ever Built

Michele Rahal of The Drive Channel presents his top ten most beautiful car picks. The Lamborghini, Jaguar,Talbot, Mercedes, Corvette…they all all have a place at his exclusive table. http://www.thedrivechannel.com

Chicago Auto Show, 430 HP Hyundai Genesis R Spec

Hyundai decided to give some muscle to the Genesis with a 430 HP upgrade and facelift. The 4 door sedan now moves from the Chicago Auto Show to go head to head with Mercedes, BMW and Lexus. The Drive Channel takes a look. http://www.thedrivechannel.com

A New Ford GT? The Ford GT and GT40

The resurrection of the Ford GT40, in the skin of a brand new car, was part of a long history between Ford and Ferrari. They competed both on and off the track. Will it have a successor? It sounds as if Alan Mulally, Ford’s CEO, is dropping strong hints. http://www.thedrivechannel.com takes a look.


Johnson, Schumacher: A Tale of Two Champions

Sprint Cup driver Jimmie Johnson and Formula One driver, Michael Schumacher have a lot in common. Multiple championships and a mastery over placing themselves at the center. Michele Rahal of The Motorsports Channel and http://www.motorsportsunplugged.com suggests that both have a method.


The Corvette ZR1: A Screaming Bargain

The Corvette ZR1 is Chevrolets ultimate evolution of Harley Earl’s original 1950’s design. This Carbon Fiber street fighter takes on the world’s biggest names like Ferrari and Porsche. Michele Rahal of The Drive Channel and www.thedrivechannel.com takes you on a tour.

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