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What will the NASCAR rules changes for 2015 mean? (No change for Daytona and Talladega ) Engines with less horsepower, aero packages that will mean less downforce… will these rules requires a true driver? Who’s going to benefit, whose going to struggle?

In Formula One Honda has decided to fight the engine rule that excludes them from developing their engine in-season. This is a huge story either way it goes. Will Honda get the waiver as have Ferrari and Renault? Also, Haas F1 has announced it will be hiring and staffing it’s UK headquarters effective immediately. Additionally Haas is hinting that the FIA and Bernie Eccelstone may allow customer cars for 2016. That would be a huge change for the entire series, which is in a bit of disarray.

In Sportscars, namely the prototypes, LMP2 and LMP3 Tony Ave and Riley Engineering have announced a new car to be built. The LMP3 class is growing and the market includes those track day drivers with more money than good sense. By 2017 the Protoype class in America will be identical to that in Europe guaranteeing crossover teams for different events.

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