Kyle Busch: More Than Mature Enough to be Champion

With five races to go, Busch will crack the top 30 and then some.
With five races to go, Busch will crack the top 30 and then some.

It never ceases to amaze me that NASCAR racing fans want more action, more risk takers and more competition but scream to high heaven when someone like Kyle Busch actually lives by those tenets.

The Pocono race was, at it’s finish, dramatic to be sure. Crew chiefs were tapping wildly on their computers to measure just how much room they had in fuel mileage to make the end of the race, everyone was on the edge of their seats as Logano ran out of fuel. Busch swung for the fences and came up short of a win, but not without gaining points.

Kyle Busch fans watched in horror as one half a lap before the checkered flag, while leading, he ran out of gas. Why? I say why not?

Busch might have backed down and finished 13th or above and locked into the Chase, but he didn’t. Were his crew chief and spotters not hard enough on him to save fuel? Perhaps not, but the sky is not falling for Kyle Busch to grab a berth in the playoffs.

Some writers believe he’s not mature enough to take a Championship. That’s nonsense. He’s 13 points from the Chase berth with five races to go and the only driver ahead of him for that coveted 30th place are Cole Whitt, David Gilliland and Justin Allgaier.

New wife, new baby, new attitude. Kyle Busch will be a contender for the title.
New wife, new baby, new attitude. Kyle Busch will be a contender for the title.

The 18 team wont repeat that mistake and that’s bad news for everyone else in the field.

Is their anyone out there that thinks Kyle Busch can’t overcome these drivers in points, a miniscule 13 points, before Richmond? If so, you need to put the crack pipe down and slowly step away.

When asked if he was disappointed, he calmly stated: : “Yeah, that was it. I didn’t know we were that close. Normally when we’re close or that close I get harped on pretty hard to save fuel. They were just telling me to save just to not put too much pressure on the car and everything else. Man, that’s a bummer. I wish I would’ve saved a little more there that last run. I wish I would’ve known that the 22 (Joey Logano) was that far away from making it. He was way far away from making it. Man, that was just a shame that we weren’t able to get it done there.”

Doesn’t sound like a rookie or desperate man to me, he sounds like a confident driver who takes chances. Isn’t that what all of you have been screaming to see? Imagine that, a professional racing driver taking chances.

He added: “We got greedy, I don’t know how greedy but that’s the position we’re in. If it came down to other things that we haven’t had the success that we’ve had here lately we would’ve had to have pitted and just made the opportunity of it and made the best finish that we could. But, we went for broke today and come up a little bit short so can’t fault the team.”

Is Kyle Busch worried? Hell no. He knows what he’s capable of achieving. A close friend, Bill Marlowe, NASCAR expert and former engineer for some of NASCAR’s greats put it bluntly: “ There are only a few “A” rated drivers out there, but to me, only three real wheelman. They’re Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick and Brad Keselowski.”

You fans ask for excitement, tough drivers and hard racing.

You have it in Kyle Busch, who may very well be the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion.





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