Jimmy Spencer To Retire, Take Up Gardening And Travel

Former NASCAR driver Jimmy Spencer, presently a TV personality, says he is going to retire and pursue other interests. Why? It's what he wants to do.

DARLINGTON, S.C. – Sitting in a director’s chair at Greg Biffle’s hauler in the Darlington Raceway garage, Jimmy Spencer looked like a judge ready to hold court.

However, unlike Spencer, a judge wouldn’t be chewing on a big cigar.

Spencer, a former NASCAR driver and current television personality who goes by the nickname “Mr. Excitement,” has never backed down from speaking his mind. And at Darlington, he wasn’t about to change.

His subject wasn’t racing, religion, politics or anything of the sort. It was much more personal.

“I am going retire. That’s it. I am going to put my house up for sale and move back to Pennsylvania where I was raised,” said Spencer, who won twice in 478 Sprint Cup starts with such team owners as Bobby Allison, Junior Johnson and Travis Carter.

Spencer also competed on several other NASCAR circuits. His record includes 12 Nationwide Series wins and 15 victories on the Modified Tour.

“I love Pennsylvania,” Spencer added. “My dad has dementia but he’s still alive and so is my mother-in-law. I want to go home and spend time with them.

“My house is right up there off exit 28 (from Interstate 77 at Lake Norman). Wanna buy it?”

Spencer, from Berwick, Pa., isn’t leaving North Carolina simply to re-unite with relatives. Hardly. His plans are more far-reaching than that.

“I love gardening,” Spencer said. “So I am going to build a small farm near home, off of Mayes Road up there. I’ll get to do some gardening, but that isn’t all I am going to do.

“I am going to start traveling. I want to go to Germany and I’m going to Switzerland. And I’m going to take the train up in Canada.

“Biffle told me to go to Seattle, then drive up and get on the train in Canada. Then I’m going to take that train clear across Canada. I don’t care how long it takes.”

Spencer said he’s motivated to retire and travel for a couple of reasons.

“I love architecture,” he said, “and there are castles over there in Europe that are 2,000 years old – I mean, 2,000 years old. Can you imagine that?”

The truth of the mater is Spencer is motivated by a much more personal reason.

“When you get up in age and you realize you can’t do what you want to do because of your health or whatever, well, I don’t want to deal with that,” he said.

“I’m 55 years old and I know people who retired when they were 65 years old and because of their health, or something else, they can’t do anything. That’s not going to be me, understand?”

Spencer paused for a moment.

“What’s has changed my whole attitude,” he said, “is when my sister Chrissy died two years ago.

“She had ovarian cancer, but as far as I’m concerned there was no reason for her to die.

“So my point in all this is that life is too short. I’m going to start doing stuff.

“That’s what I want and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Nothing else need be said – except, perhaps, “Bon voyage.”




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  1. Between the puppets and the idiotic games on Speed Jimmie Spencer was breath of entertaining fresh air, he will be sorely missed in this house.

  2. Rainy says:

    A damn shame that we are losing an entertaining voice on Speed, to probably be replaced with another Rut Wood, or the slot used by Mr. E taken up by some ridiculous game, i.e.; toilet paper wrapping Juan Pablo or Regan Smith…I envy Jimmy for what he plans but my selfish side says “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”…..

  3. Guest says:

    Hey. Kurt Busch might be looking for a job soon. Maybe Jimmy can put in a good word with the people at Speed.

  4. Gelane says:

    you can come to canada, as long as you keep your mouth shut………

  5. Jsgill45 says:


  6. guest says:

    Speed please let Mr. E. phone in the Tuesday and Thursday segments. He is the only segment on Race Hub worth watching. If Mr E. will not phone in the only one who can come close to filling his shoes is Kyle Petty. Mr. E. and Kyle Petty are the only commentators that tell it like it really is. Note please don’t take Kyle Petty off Raceday and Victory Lane.,

  7. Joe Michalski says:

    Watched Jimmy race 30 years ago in the Modifieds against Richie Evans and Maynard Troyer at Oswego Speedway in upstate NY. They all put on a show that you don’t see today. Always enjoyed Jimmy on Speed. Understand wheir he is coming from on retiring. Enjoy yourself, Jimmy. You earned it.

  8. Stevewrench says:

    I can honestly say that Jimmy is the reason I watch The Hub. Man,what a bummer.
    All the best,Mr. Spenser.

  9. kevin says:

    you will be welcome in canada,and you will enjoy the beauty as you travel across this gret country.

  10. Dave Mathers says:

    Best news EVER!!!!  The ultimate red-neck is going home.  In about 1987 I saw the big suck load up and go home at New Smyrna after Reggie Ruggiero kicked his butt (on the track).  He is and was a bully.

  11. Timbeck321 says:

    The best was Jimmy coming off the fourth  turn, his Modified sideways, left arm out of the window net fist pumping and winning the Thompson 300—It was years ago but I remember it well—

  12. W. Duane Cox says:

    With Jimmy gone, there will be no comments worth listening to. Jimmy: Enjoy!!

  13. Sbsc1969 says:

    I am going to miss Jimmy and Race Hub won’t be the same without him!  I sure hope he truely wants to retire and just hasn’t pissed someone off @ Nascar or Speed Channel.

  14. Leroy Bisher says:

    that y i watch hub too i will miss him on tv

  15. Modsracer says:

    I have known Jimmy since covering the NASCAR modified tour and he was always a great interview that I knew would be perfect if he ever when into TV. Good for you, JIm.

  16. Wendy says:

    What a great decision.  Life is way too short.  I also retired with my husband at 55 and have spent much of our retirement travelling in our motorhome to Nascar races.  We used to take only one week and would rush down to Indianapolis (from Ontario) and stay for the race and rush home to be back for work. We did that for 15 years. Not anymore!  We take our time there and back and get to a few more tracks now.  Enjoy your retirement, travel, see new things, do new things while your health is good.  Godspeed!

  17. As long as he doesn’t travel to Japan.  Those guys bombed Pearl Harbor.

  18. Captandy1 says:

    Jimmy ran the most exciting race I ever was at. Bristol busch race. Thanks for the memories Mr. E

  19. MisterNascar says:

    I am gonna miss you man.

  20. Wdennisharrison says:

    will miss your time on races

  21. Bigd7801 says:

    Speed says this is bogus—Spencer isn’t leaving.

  22. Redsled0215 says:

    Good for you.  Taking time to enjoy family is waht it’s all about.  At the end of it all when we are gone, it matters only who were helped and loved, not those who were impressed.  Keep it real Jimmy.

  23. Strod3200 says:

    You know he did not win much but i alwayes enjoyed watching him race and pulled for him. He will surly be missed on the hub.
    Good luck on your  new life and travels JS

  24. guest says:

    GOOD NEWS! JIMMY SPENCER IS NOT LEAVING THE HUB. Jimmy Spencer just told of his desire to open a garden center but said he is not leaving Speed. I don’t worry about the dvr when not home on Monday and Wednesday but I always if not hope dvr on Tuesday and Thursday.

  25. Tom Froment says:


  26. Mikewilliams4375 says:

    I ALSO watch the “HUB” for Spencers  take on things! WILL GREATLY miss him! come’on Jimmy Stick around! WE NEED YOU!!

  27. Steve Weiss says:

    Someone better tell him that there’s no passenger train that runs across Canada, freight trains only, I don’t know how he’d feel about jumping in a box car !

  28. Calgarygolden says:

    Whey to go Jimmy!!! I’m 80 and wish I would have done what you’re doing. Enjoy and best of luck from another Lehigh Valley Pennsylvanian.
    Bubba B

  29. Steve says:

    Just to set the record straight for all. Jimmy indeed said everything for the story. Said “yes” to being printed, spoke into a recorder and in front of witnesses. It all doesn’t mean he won’t remain on “Hub,” even for quite a while. But I think he has stated his ultimate plans.

  30. Dldrum says:

    The greatest thing Spencer ever did for racing was punch Kurt Busch in the nose.  Hey Jimmy, how about doing it again?

  31. Jimmy- my condolences on your sister and I hope you spend some quality time with your parents – Im with you 100%, make the rules as you go, youve put in your time – screw em if they dont like it.. btw i like cucumbers 🙂

  32. steve o. says:

    welcome back home jimmy , hope to see you in the community again . best wishes for your family . enjoy your retirement although i tried to retire young had to go back to work . but now i work because i love it. oh yeah remember the days back when your dad raced at herb harvey speedway ?

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