Ferrari F138 and F2012 compared

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Ferrari F138 (2013) and F2012 (2012)

The Ferrari F138 revealed today is an evolution of the car raced in 2012, the team said.

Technical director Pat Fry said: “This year’s car is more than an evolution than a revolution.”

“It’s based on similar concepts and all the little areas of performance we can gain we’ve been after.

“Most of the car has changed subtly, most bits more than others. It’s a development of last year’s, really.”

Ferrari F138 (2013) and F2012 (2012)The aerodynamic performance of the F2012 was a cause for concern at the team and the new car was developed in Toyota’s wind tunnel in Cologne. Fry admitted work on this started later than usual:

“We started two or three months later than would be typical, I suppose, and we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

“You’ll see quite a lot of changes between the launch car, we’ll have a few different parts at the second test and then another big upgrade for the third and final test. So there’ll be lots of changes coming through.”

Asked if he was happy with the new car Fry said: “I’m never going to be happy until you’re in Melbourne and you’ve got clearly the quickest car!

“I think in terms of the launch car we’ve done a good job on the mechanical installation, the design of it, we’ve hit all our stiffness targets, we’ve saved a lot of weight.

“We can’t hide behind the fact the car in its launch form, aerodynamically, is a long way off where we are in the wind tunnel now.

“So I think we’ll get an idea of what our ultimate performance is come the third test. I’m not going to be happy until we’re clearly quickest.”

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Images © Ferrari/Ercole Colombo